Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky
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Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky (Character)
from Fame (1980)

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"Fame: Sunshine Again (#2.15)" (1983)
David Reardon: I don't know which is worse, taking exams or making them up.
[a beat]
David Reardon: I said, I don't know which is worse...
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: I heard what you said. I doubt very much it'll become any more profound if I listen to it a second time.

Elizabeth Sherwood: Mr. Shorofsky, shame on you.
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Never say that to a Jewish person early in the morning. Our guilt hasn't had time to warm up yet.

Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Please forgive an old bachelor who wanted to show off his talented children.

Elizabeth Sherwood: Mr. Shorofsky, you are not being objective about this. This is a knee-jerk reaction. It is also boneheaded dumb.
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Flattery will get you nowhere.

"Fame: U.N. Week (#2.23)" (1983)
Mrs. Berg: Oh, Mr. Shorofsky: good news. The student from Edison are beginning to arrive.
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Mrs. Berg, please make up your mind. Are the students from Edison arriving, or is it good news?

Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: [there's a rumor going around that Lydia and Reardon are having an affair] Do what lovers do: have a fight and end it.
Lydia Grant: End what?
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: The affair.
David Reardon: There is no affair!
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: What? The two of you had a fight?

Mr. Cannon: Wait a minute, aren't you Mr. Shorofsky? I can't believe you're still here.
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Believe it.
Mr. Cannon: Mr. Shorofsky, you've probably forgotten who I am.
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: No, but I've been trying. How are you, Mr. Cannon?

"Fame: Heritage (#3.23)" (1984)
Benjamin Shorofsky: Well Leo, I'm concerned, of course, but how can I help?
Leo Finklestein: How can you help?
[slowly, emphasising each word]
Leo Finklestein: How can you help?
Benjamin Shorofsky: I asked you first.

Benjamin Shorofsky: You see, Mr. Martelli, why your presence was required this afternoon? I'm being asked to choose between Miss Schwartz, who sings like an angel, and Miss Laird, who looks like one. Not an easy choice.

Benjamin Shorofsky: [about Bruno] He's a very fine musician.
Leo Finklestein: This is a Jewish benefit, he's Italian.
Benjamin Shorofsky: If he were willing to contribute a million dollars, would you turn it down?
Leo Finklestein: Is he willing?
Benjamin Shorofsky: Yes!
Leo Finklestein: Able?
Benjamin Shorofsky: I don't believe so. What he can contribute is music.
Leo Finklestein: Benjamin, a Leo Finklestein cannot deliver a Bruno Martelli to a Jewish benefit.
Benjamin Shorofsky: You're being prejudist...
Leo Finklestein: I am being kosher.

"Fame: Reunions (#1.15)" (1982)
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: I have a suggestion, Mrs. Berg. Instead of distributing worthless announcements to everyone, you should post one and we could all ignore it more efficiently.

Mrs Gertrude Berg: I can't help wondering about her, I'm only human, after all...
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Be better than human: be quiet.

Mrs. Johnson: Are you one of my son's teachers?
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: No. He's one of mine.

"Fame: Not in Kansas Anymore (#2.19)" (1983)
Doris: [the Wizard asks his assistant to wipe his glasses] Guess we kind of got to you , huh?
The Wizard of Shorofsky: No, but I think I'm allergic to that dog out there.

The Wizard of Shorofsky: Click your heels together three times.
[Doris does so]
The Wizard of Shorofsky: Close your eyes... and open your mouth.
The Good Witch of the South: Say what?
The Good Witch of the South: I say, open your mouth. Open wider...

Doris Schwartz: [Doris has been replaced in the show] Mr. Shorofsky, can't you do something?
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Sorry, Cookie.

"Fame: Homecoming (#2.11)" (1982)
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Martelli, are you okay? It sounded like a wounded animal in here.
Bruno Martelli: I'm fine. There's this piece of music that's begging to be put out of its misery.

Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Our lives are spent trying to impress those who have impressed us the most.
Bruno Martelli: [Bruno hasn't got a clue what this means] Mr. Shorofsky, it's been a long day...
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: It's only second period. Never mind, scooch over. Let me futz with it.
Bruno Martelli: Futz with it?
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: That's advanced musical terminology. You'll get it next semester.
[sits down at Bruno's synthesizer and hits the keys]
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Martelli, make this thing sound like a piano or I'm leaving.

Lydia Grant: Do you know she invited Louise Stefanovich to the dance recital?
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: [exclaiming] Not Louise Stefanovich!
Elizabeth Sherwood: [turning from Shorofsky to Lydia nervously] Did she say Louise Stefanovich?
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: I'm afraid so.
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: So, who is Louise Stefanovich.

"Fame: Lisa's Song (#3.14)" (1984)
Benjamin Shorofsky: [Shorofsky has managed to shut up his students by scratching a needle over a record] Don't worry, it was Wayne Newton, I keep it around for these occasions.

Lydia Grant: You don't believe me, do you?
Benjamin Shorofsky: Of course I do...
Lydia Grant: Well how can you just sit there eating like that?
Benjamin Shorofsky: Would you feel better if I stood up?

Benjamin Shorofsky: Mr. Morloch, may I ask what you're doing?
Quentin Morloch: [with disgust] I'm looking at photographs of sweaty, half-naked young men.
Benjamin Shorofsky: Still waters sure run deep, I guess.
[cue comedic background music]

"Fame: The Deal (#3.20)" (1984)
Mrs. Berg: [Mr. Berg has surprised Mrs. Berg with a picnic basket but is dismayed to see Shorofsky enter] Won't you join us?
Mr. Shorofsky: Oh no, I won't...
Mrs. Berg: Oh, we insist. Don't we, Herman? Tell Mr. Shorofsky we'd love to have him.
Mr. Berg: [unenthusiastic] We'd love to have you, Mr. Shorofsky. What's mine is yours.
[indicating his head towards Mrs. Berg]
Mr. Berg: There's plenty to go around.
Mr. Shorofsky: Well, if you're putting it that way...
[sits down]
Mr. Berg: I assume you'll help yourself to whatever you like?
Mr. Shorofsky: That's second nature to me.

Mr. Shorofsky: Morning, Mrs. Berg.
Mrs. Berg: Psst. Psst!
Mr. Shorofsky: Either your having an astma attack or your trying to get my attention. Or maybe both?

"Fame: Beginnings (#2.6)" (1982)
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: I left explicit instructions that I did not want to be disturbed.
Bruno Martelli: I know.
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Then why are you disturbing me?
Bruno Martelli: Well, this is important.
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Mr. Martelli, are you hemorrhaging?
Bruno Martelli: No.
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Is the school on fire?
Bruno Martelli: No.
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Then what is important is what I'm doing now. I speak with you later.

Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: You're just the person I need.
Ann Carlton: Most of the day, the people who've been looking for me wanted me to take a long walk on a very short plank.
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Understandable. After all, you are a racist.

"Fame: Home Again (#3.21)" (1984)
Benjamin Shorofsky: That was good. Really. The problem is: in the music world, 'good' will get you four weddings and six Bar Mitzvah's per month. If by any chance your dreams soar any higher than that, I suggest you spend more time in the rehearsal.

Quentin Morloch: [playing Trivial Persuit] Who played 'Little Beaver' in the 'Red Rider' movie series?
Benjamin Shorofsky: You're making that up!

"Fame: Gonna Learn How to Fly: Part 1 (#3.1)" (1983)
Trombone Player: [after auditioning a slow classical piece] Would you like to hear something a little faster?
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: I think I've listened as fast as I could last time.

Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: [to Bruno] For the rest of your life he'll be the first one to hear every song you write.

"Fame: A Friend in Need (#3.19)" (1984)
Benjamin Shorofsky: What brings you down here to our fair madhouse?
Jim Hamilton: [fast, sing song voice] The seventh avenue bus!

Lydia Grant: Well the answer is no.
Elizabeth Sherwood: Then why are you so angry?
Lydia Grant: I'm not angry! I'm mad.
Benjamin Shorofsky: [quietly] Gott in Himmel.

"Fame: Childhood's End (#2.10)" (1982)
Julie Miller: Mr. Shorofsky, my cello's 200 years old. This is brand new. My cello's English. This is American factory...
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: I know it's not your cello, Miller. It's an orphan cello. Adopt it. Make it your foster cello. Play.

"Fame: Rules (#3.6)" (1983)
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Believe it or not, I hope to make your tenure here as painless as possible. For both of us. I will write out my lesson plans for the entire course. Familiarize you with rating system, and try to find you some place to work. But you may have to settle for the broom closet.

"Fame: The Strike (#1.7)" (1982)
Elizabeth Sherwood: Mr. Shorofsky, are you coming to the strike meeting after school or not?
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Not!
Elizabeth Sherwood: [urgently] You have to come.
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Have to? I left 'have to' when I left Germany.

"Fame: Feelings (#2.3)" (1982)
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: [to Lydia] If you ever tell Martelli you heard me sing one of his songs, you will be on paper pickup for a week!

"Fame: Bottle of Blues (#3.13)" (1984)
Mrs. Berg: I'm thinking about a vacation in France. How much do you think that would cost?
Benjamin Shorofsky: Absolutely nothing, I think of it all the time.

"Fame: Blizzard (#4.6)" (1984)
Benjamin Shorofsky: Got any egg salad?
Jesse V. Valesquez: Eh, there's tuna salad. Same thing.
Benjamin Shorofsky: Tuna and egg are not the same. One is from a fish and one is from a chicken.
Jesse V. Valesquez: [holds up another sandwich] What does a baloney come from?
Benjamin Shorofsky: [a beat] From a factory.

"Fame: The Sell-Out (#1.6)" (1982)
Lydia Grant: Just give me some time, Mr. Shorofsky, I'll find out.
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: The time is not mine to give. Midterms are midterms. If this group is ready: whoopee. If they're not ready, that's too bad. The amount of time is not gonna change. Good luck.
[turns and leaves]

"Fame: Class Act (#2.4)" (1982)
Bruno Martelli: I hate to be hard to get along with.
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Thank heaven for that. If this is how you are when you don't want to be hard to get along with, please spare me the moments when you want to be hard to get along with. After a certain age there are some adventures I choose to avoid.

"Fame: Sheer Will (#3.17)" (1984)
Mrs. Berg: [on phone] Yes, this is Mrs. Berg. I'm sorry to bother you again, but I'm still looking for 'Passion in the Night'. Well, it must be out there somewhere, it didn't just up and disappear, did it? Oh, I'm, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bark. It's just that I'm getting desperate. I'm willing to pay extra if I have to.
Benjamin Shorofsky: [having overheard and misunderstood] Shorofsky, it's time for a sabbatical...

"Fame: Consequences (#3.7)" (1983)
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: [during auditions] Very nice, Miss Schwartz, we'll let you know.
David Reardon: You keep her out of this show and I'll yank that beard out by it's roots.
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Threats will always get you results.

"Fame: Ebenezer Morloch (#5.9)" (1985)
Shorofsky: Shouldn't you be getting back to your classroom?
Sherwood: No... I want to give them a little more time to cheat.

"Fame: Hail to the Chief (#3.3)" (1983)
Doris Schwartz: Mr. Shorofsky, Mr. Morloch needs to see you in the office, it's an emergency.
Mr. Shorofsky: To Morloch, everything is an emergency. His ulcers have migraines.

"Fame: Alone in a Crowd (#1.4)" (1982)
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Good answers aren't like trains. They don't arrive on schedule.
[a beat]
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Come to think of it, they are like trains.

"Fame: Friendship Day (#2.18)" (1983)
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: You're putting a sousaphone player into a rock band?
Doris Schwartz: It's not his sousaphone I need, it's his body.
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Wanting his sousaphone I can understand a little. Wanting his body...

"Fame: Blood, Sweat and Circuits (#2.17)" (1983)
Mrs. Berg: I'm not going to get to run the computer, am I?
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: [shakes head] I don't think so.
Mrs. Berg: Fudge. I just had it programmed to play Space Invaders.

"Fame: Words (#2.9)" (1982)
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: You know what's happening in the English department?
Bruno Martelli: Bits and pieces. Ehm... Jenny McClain, censorship, stepfather... Rumor Control hasn't come out with a report yet, but I get the picture.

"Fame: A Musical Bridge (#1.13)" (1982)
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: [to Bruno] You're afraid of becoming a Shlockmeister!

"Fame: To Soar and Never Falter (#1.5)" (1982)
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Tuesday a nincompoop, today a mench. I'm on my way to schnapps.

"Fame: Stages (#3.16)" (1984)
Benjamin Shorofsky: Why do I have to make a decision? When did I get to be Moses?

"Fame: Signs (#3.22)" (1984)
Sherwood: Farewell, Mrs. Berg, I'm off for a cool drink and a hot tub.
Shorofsky: Would you settle for a hot topic and a cool reaction?

"Fame: Exposé (#1.12)" (1982)
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: [drinking coffee in the teachers room] You know the coffee they talk about on radio and TV? The stuff the man did not buy because it wasn't good enough?
Jeff Harris: Hm-hm.
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Somebody bought it.

"Fame: Teachers (#2.5)" (1982)
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: You're a stupid, irritating jackass.
Angelo Martelli: I love you too.

Fame (1980)
Shorofsky: No! No! No! Hold the bow like this! Not like this! This isn't your dick you're holding! It's a violin bow! Hold it with respect, like...
Bruno Martelli: ...Your dick?

"Fame: The Crazies (#1.11)" (1982)
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: [to Mrs. Berg] Stuff it!

"Fame: Passing Grade (#1.2)" (1982)
Danny Amatullo: [hangs up payphone] I got the job! How about that?
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: You got a job that doesn't pay anything. Those jobs are not too hard to get, usually.

"Fame: And the Winner Is.... (#2.1)" (1982)
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: Just because you're being logical doesn't mean I'm gonna let you win this argument. I am onto that trick!