Coco Hernandez
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Coco Hernandez (Character)
from "Fame" (1982)

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"Fame: Feelings (#2.3)" (1982)
Coco Hernandez: Listen, astrology is a a science.
Doris Schwartz: And my mother's a duck.

"Fame: The Sell-Out (#1.6)" (1982)
Coco Hernandez: Leroy, who gave you the right to quit this?
Leroy Johnson: President Lincoln, that's who gave me the right. He stopped that kinda stuff you're doing years ago!

"Fame: Beginnings (#2.6)" (1982)
Susan Marshall: Do you read music?
Coco Hernandez: Only on Tuesdays.

"Fame: Alone in a Crowd (#1.4)" (1982)
Leroy Johnson: Why you always got your head buried in this thing, what's this all about?
Coco Hernandez: [indicating her trade paper] Leroy, get it straight, this is my bible, alright?
Leroy Johnson: Bible? The first bible I've ever seen with ads for female mud-wrestling in it.

"Fame: Break Dance (#3.8)" (1983)
[last lines]
Quentin Morloch: Hernandez! Where is this trip taking you?
Coco Hernandez: To the stars, man. To the stars!

"Fame: Words (#2.9)" (1982)
Coco Hernandez: Well Puerto Ricans are island people. They think better if surrounded by water.
Doris Schwartz: Well, tell the guy to buy a hot tub.

"Fame: Gonna Learn How to Fly: Part 2 (#3.2)" (1983)
Coco Hernandez: I didn't hear you knock, man.
Danny Amatullo: How could you? This place is sound proof.

Fame (1980)
Coco Hernandez: [the girls are fighting over Leroy] You know what they say? The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.
Hilary van Doren: Yes, but who wants diabetes?

"Fame: Passing Grade (#1.2)" (1982)
Coco Hernandez: [reading from 'Back Stage'] Listen to this: auditions for musical. Open roles for talented ethnic actresses. Must sing, dance and play eighteen to twenty-five.
Bruno Martelli: You know, 'ethnic' could mean Jewish.
Coco Hernandez: I'll convert.
Bruno Martelli: You don't look it.
Coco Hernandez: I'll wear extra make-up.

"Fame: ...Help from My Friends (#2.21)" (1983)
Coco Hernandez: Because suicide goes against what I believe about the universe.
Doris Schwartz: Huh?
Coco Hernandez: Listen, the stars tell us what's gonna happen, and that's fate. And to me, life is like a huge dance and fate is the choreographer. Now fate gives us our own individual dance. But we choose how to dance that dance. And I don't wanna interfere with the power of fate.