Leroy Johnson
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Leroy Johnson (Character)
from Fame (1980)

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"Fame: Ending on a High Note (#2.22)" (1983)
Coach Jordan: Look, let me give you guys some free advise, okay? Get out while you can. I'm sure you've got better things to do with your time and it's safe to say you're in way over your head.
Leroy Johnson: [threatening] I don't know how safe it is to say that, mister...
Coach Jordan: You just suit yourself.
Leroy Johnson: I always do.

Leroy Johnson: I don't claim to know much about basketball. They look to me like they stink.
Danny Amatullo: Nah, they're not that good.

Leroy Johnson: [clears throat] I got bad news.
Elizabeth Sherwood: Terrific. I'm fresh out.

Danny Amatullo: So I can't do it alone!
Leroy Johnson: I know that.
Danny Amatullo: So where's your heart?
Leroy Johnson: I left it in San Francisco, now get off my case.

"Fame: The Sell-Out (#1.6)" (1982)
Leroy Johnson: Look, you better change the name of this number to 'The Dance of the Invisible Man', 'cause I'm not gonna be here!

Leroy Johnson: [about Coco's choreography] You should have seen what she was doing in there! She needs a a whip and a chair!. 'Higher, faster, more, again!' You're honeymoon night is gonna be some kinda record breaker, baby.

Coco Hernandez: Leroy, who gave you the right to quit this?
Leroy Johnson: President Lincoln, that's who gave me the right. He stopped that kinda stuff you're doing years ago!

"Fame: Catch a Falling Star (#3.18)" (1984)
Leroy Johnson: Come on, Eddie, why don't you let me take you back to my school and you can get into one of my shows.
Eddie Macon: No Leroy. Now seeing you has been nice, but now that's enough.
Leroy Johnson: Well, it ain't enough for me, we supposed to be like family.
Eddie Macon: No Leroy! I'm history. Now, now, now this is my home. And I'm inviting you to leave.

Bruno Martelli: Man, how long have you had these charts. Some of these changes are older than Scott Joplin.
Eddie Macon: It gets better with age. Like... fine wine.
Leroy Johnson: Oh, the man's had experience with wine, believe me.
Bruno Martelli: Yeah, well, look I'm not knocking it, it's just that there's stuff here I haven't used in years.
Eddie Macon: Said the bishop to the lady.

Lydia Grant: Leroy, open that locker.
Leroy Johnson: You act there's something bad in here or somethin'.
Lydia Grant: Boy, take your mouth south and open that locker!

"Fame: Childhood's End (#2.10)" (1982)
Leroy Johnson: Doris, I am an expert on short stories.
Bruno Martelli: The thing is, I doubt that 'Slave Girls of Pluto' qualify as short stories.

Cop: [Leroy is walking down the street carrying Julie's cello] Hey kid! Where you going with that big fiddle?
Leroy Johnson: I'm going to my cello lesson.

"Fame: Beginnings (#2.6)" (1982)
Leroy Johnson: [to Stephanie] Don't look so down, girl. I still love you.

Leroy Johnson: I've got your transcripts.
Stephanie Harrison: [walks over to Leroy] How'd you get these?
Leroy Johnson: Miss Grant gave them to me. Said she's making me her assistant.
Stephanie Harrison: In everything?
Leroy Johnson: No, just about you.

"Fame: Alone in a Crowd (#1.4)" (1982)
Leroy Johnson: Why you always got your head buried in this thing, what's this all about?
Coco Hernandez: [indicating her trade paper] Leroy, get it straight, this is my bible, alright?
Leroy Johnson: Bible? The first bible I've ever seen with ads for female mud-wrestling in it.

Montgomery MacNeil: Places where the people are all facing in the same direction, they're magic. People just sort of become one, they unify. Cathedrals have it. Theaters... temples...
Leroy Johnson: Toilets...

"Fame: Sheer Will (#3.17)" (1984)
Danny Amatullo: So all of you know, huh?
Leroy Johnson: We all know.
Danny Amatullo: [to Doris] I thought you promised.
Doris Schwartz: I decided I lied, so sue me.

"Fame: Star Quality (#2.14)" (1983)
Lewis Washington: All I know is tap and there ain't no call for that no more. I want you to teach me the other kinds of dancin'.
Leroy Johnson: Why?
Lewis Washington: So I can make my dad proud.

"Fame: Tomorrow's Farewell (#1.3)" (1982)
Willard: Leroy, I'm your brother.
Leroy Johnson: You're my mother's other son. That ain't the same as my brother.

"Fame: Blood, Sweat and Circuits (#2.17)" (1983)
Bruno Martelli: What do you mean, 'what do I want?'
Leroy Johnson: Well, Bruno, you're about as interested in dance as, eh, I am in punctuation, that's what I mean 'what do you want?'.

"Fame: Break Dance (#3.8)" (1983)
Quentin Morloch: When was the last time you took a bath?
Snake: Eh, you know, like, I don't take nothing unless I can pawn it.
Leroy Johnson: I believe it!

"Fame: Gonna Learn How to Fly: Part 2 (#3.2)" (1983)
Christopher Donlon: Hey Leroy Johnson, I'm talking to you. You hear me? I said I'm talking to you.
Leroy Johnson: No, you ain't talkin', your signifying toughness with a butt full of attitude, a thimbal full of brains, a mountain of mouth and nothing to back it with.

"Fame: Winners (#2.8)" (1982)
Leroy Johnson: I get more enthusiasm from my 82 year old grandmother and she's been dead for two years.

"Fame: A Special Place (#1.16)" (1982)
Leroy Johnson: So don't go tellin' me what's good for me and what ain't.
Elizabeth Sherwood: 'Isn't', not 'ain't.
Leroy Johnson: Come on, don't fuss with me, woman, I'm on my free period.
Elizabeth Sherwood: Sorry, English teachers never rest.

Fame (1980)
Leroy Johnson: I's young, I's single, and I loves to mingle!

"Fame: Knockout (#3.5)" (1983)
Leroy Johnson: You mark my words, Billy is gonna be all right!
Danny Amatullo: Your momma Billy is gonna be all right, you know?