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Danny Amatullo (Character)
from "Fame" (1982)

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"Fame: Break Dance (#3.8)" (1983)
Holly Laird: [holding up a necklace Doris received with a love letter] I'm not sure... but I think that's a tooth. A human tooth.
Danny Amatullo: Yeah, that's Snake's. He got it knocked out during a fight.
Doris Schwartz: Oh, it's Snake's. In that case we know it's not a human tooth.
Holly Laird: That's disgusting.

Doris Schwartz: Danny, I want you to get this sub-human to leave me alone.
Danny Amatullo: Hey, I'd have to have ravioli for brains to tell Snake what to do.

Holly Laird: Daniel Amatulo, I can't believe you. Doris needs your help and you're sitting here acting like a coward.
Danny Amatullo: No acting involved. Hey, when it comes to people like Snake, I am a coward.

Danny Amatullo: [to Michael] Hey, you laughin' and I'm flirting with major bodily damage.

"Fame: Ending on a High Note (#2.22)" (1983)
Danny Amatullo: Well, eh, it looks like this game means a lot to you guys.
Andy: We're gonna cream those twerps! All we need is a little help from you guys.
Danny Amatullo: What is this, a grudge match or something?
Brother Timothy: Eh, St. Jane Francis beat us pretty badly last year and they chose to... indulge themselves in the sin of pride.
Danny Amatullo: Huh?
Andy: They rubbed our noses in it.
Danny Amatullo: Oh.

Kelly Hayden: You're a regular Mata Hari, Miller.
Julie Miller: Mata Hari, didn't she have to face a firing squad?
Danny Amatullo: I bet she had a smile on her face!

Leroy Johnson: I don't claim to know much about basketball. They look to me like they stink.
Danny Amatullo: Nah, they're not that good.

Danny Amatullo: So I can't do it alone!
Leroy Johnson: I know that.
Danny Amatullo: So where's your heart?
Leroy Johnson: I left it in San Francisco, now get off my case.

"Fame: Sheer Will (#3.17)" (1984)
Danny Amatullo: So all of you know, huh?
Leroy Johnson: We all know.
Danny Amatullo: [to Doris] I thought you promised.
Doris Schwartz: I decided I lied, so sue me.

Danny Amatullo: Let me tell you something: you guys start treating me any different then you did before, I'm gonna flatten both of you, you hear me?
Doris Schwartz: Please, I'm in a training bra as it is.

Quentin Morloch: Amatullo?
Danny Amatullo: Yes, sir?
Quentin Morloch: [trying to find something appropriate to say] Nice sweater.

"Fame: U.N. Week (#2.23)" (1983)
Danny Amatullo: [to Alicia] You know, I'm gonna give you an equal right in your mouth if you don't lighten up.

Danny Amatullo: We might not be a bunch of Einsteins in this school, but we do care about each other.

"Fame: Your Own Song (#2.2)" (1982)
Danny Amatullo: Oh Doris, sophisticated one, beautiful one, friend of little animals. Come on, I gotta meet Diana in 10 minutes.
Doris Schwartz: Tell her you got laryngitis.

Danny Amatullo: [to Diana] Your hair smells like a million grains of sand flowing...
Diana Hadelston: Sand? Come on, Danny, quit joking!

"Fame: Gonna Learn How to Fly: Part 2 (#3.2)" (1983)
Coco Hernandez: I didn't hear you knock, man.
Danny Amatullo: How could you? This place is sound proof.

Danny Amatullo: [Danny has brought Doris to talk to Bruno] We got this person in trouble. Won't tell anybody in the school what the beef is. Since your not in school, and I know damn straight she needs someone to talk to about this, I figured out, eh, I'd bring the mountain to Mohammed Ali. Or something like that.

"Fame: Passing Grade (#1.2)" (1982)
Montgomery MacNeil: Look, you know that an entourage is?
Danny Amatullo: Sure. It's like a ballet dance step.

Danny Amatullo: [hangs up payphone] I got the job! How about that?
Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: You got a job that doesn't pay anything. Those jobs are not too hard to get, usually.

"Fame: Knockout (#3.5)" (1983)
Leroy Johnson: You mark my words, Billy is gonna be all right!
Danny Amatullo: Your momma Billy is gonna be all right, you know?

Danny Amatullo: So you think that staying on Morloch's good side makes sense?
Christopher Donlon: I didn't know Morloch had a good side.
Danny Amatullo: Yeah he does, but he sits on it a lot.

"Fame: Equals (#3.10)" (1984)
Danny Amatullo: [on the floor, clutching his leg] I think I pulled something, Miss Grant.
Lydia Grant: It better not be my leg, Amatullo.

"Fame: Feelings (#2.3)" (1982)
Danny Amatullo: All I know is, we spent eighteen dollars on books and all my Pac-Man money!

"Fame: Consequences (#3.7)" (1983)
Danny Amatullo: Good, I go last, I can finish grading these papers.
Billy Hall: You're supposed to be nervous, you're supposed to be preparing for your art.
Michael: Look at Holly Laird. Now that's art. Go ahead and give her an A plus, Amatullo, give her an A plus just for being alive.
Danny Amatullo: Yo, Amatullo don't fix no grades for nobody. Not even if they look like that.

"Fame: Tomorrow's Farewell (#1.3)" (1982)
Julie Miller: I'm supposed to have an interview with one of those guys right after lunch.
Bruno Martelli: Mr. Nylon Hair?
Danny Amatullo: Yeah, his head looks like a flying squirrel trying to mate with a bowling ball.

"Fame: But Seriously Folks (#1.9)" (1982)
Danny Amatullo: [about his old man] All my life he's been walking away from me. I- I must have been ten before I realized he had a face.

"Fame: Beginnings (#2.6)" (1982)
Doris Schwartz: What, are you guys planning a revolution or something?
[Leroy and Coco give Doris a deadly serious look]
Doris Schwartz: Joke... a bad joke.
Danny Amatullo: I thought that was my territory.

"Fame: Appearances (#3.12)" (1984)
Danny Amatullo: [writing down book titles] Crime and Punishment... what's that one about?
Elizabeth Sherwood: It's about 800 pages.

"Fame: A Special Place (#1.16)" (1982)
Danny Amatullo: [to Leroy] You got a jaw o'stone, man. I got a brain of lead.

"Fame: Teachers (#2.5)" (1982)
Danny Amatullo: [Danny is being ignored by Julie and Bruno] Hey, if I turned invisible, tell me, so I can go rob a bank or something.

"Fame: Solo Song (#2.7)" (1982)
Doris Schwartz: Don't say anything to cheer me up, just remove all the sharp objects from my purse.
Danny Amatullo: You're a stronger person havin' been disappointed. I mean, being hurt makes you strong.
Doris Schwartz: Being hurt makes you hurt, that 's all it does.