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Franco (Character)
from Cemetery Man (1994)

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Cemetery Man (1994)
[Francesco is on the phone. There's a knock at the door]
Francesco Dellamorte: Hold on a minute Franco.
[He opens the door. A zombie businessman is standing there. Francesco shoots him in the head]
Francesco Dellamorte: You were saying, Franco.
Franco: No, no nothing. Just calling to see how you are.
Francesco Dellamorte: Oh, you know how things are. Life goes on.

Hospital Sister: Put that out immediately! Smoking is not allowed in here!
Francesco Dellamorte: Shut up!
[shoots her in the eye]
Francesco Dellamorte: He's in a coma. He doesn't even notice.
Franco: [half-conscious] Shit.
Francesco Dellamorte: What'd you say?
Franco: [spits out breathing tube] Everything's shit.
[Francesco nods]
Franco: The only thing that's not shitty is sleep.
Hospital Doctor: [doctor enters] What are you doing on the floor, sister?
Francesco Dellamorte: She's praying.
Hospital Doctor: Friend of yours? Look, he hasn't got any relatives and the coma he's in is irreversible. Give me a signature and I'll pull the plug now.
Francesco Dellamorte: Fuck off!
[shoots him in the head]
Francesco Dellamorte: I won't let you die until you give me an explanation. Why did you steal my murders? Don't you think anything I do counts? Huh?
Stanza Franco Nurse: Oh, my God! What happened?
Francesco Dellamorte: They killed each other. It was a settling of scores.
[Nurse looks at bloody walls]
Francesco Dellamorte: Don't you believe me?
Stanza Franco Nurse: No.
Francesco Dellamorte: Tough.
[he pulls out gun]
Stanza Franco Nurse: No!
[he aims]
Stanza Franco Nurse: NO!
[he shoots her in the head]

Franco: Greetings from Toad of Town Hall!

Francesco Dellamorte: You'll see, Franco. Mara is going to get tired of you. Cinzia will grow up to hate you. And then you'll be free. Free to see what the rest of the world looks like.
Franco: Mmm. What do you think the rest of the world looks like?
Francesco Dellamorte: The rest of the world?
Franco: Mmm-hmm.
Francesco Dellamorte: Mmm. Who knows if the rest of the world even exists?

[discussing the zombies]
Franco: Any other visits last night?
Francesco Dellamorte: A couple, yeah... All this extra work - and it's not as if they pay me any more!
Franco: Well, tell the Mayor!
Francesco Dellamorte: Oh, tell the Mayor, and then what? They'll *close* the cemetery! Goodbye job and goodbye house.
Franco: Come on. Who do you think would believe you?
Francesco Dellamorte: Listen. I don't care if you don't believe me, Franco. You're not the one who pays me.
Franco: I believe you. I believe you! And you're right. At least have him pay you over-time.