Chris DeFrank
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Chris DeFrank (Character)
from Stick It (2006)

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Stick It (2006)
Chris DeFrank: Hey, Burt, how ya doing? Good job today. That Haley is a handful, isn't she?
Burt Vickerman: What do you mean?
Chris DeFrank: Oh, come on, Burt. I built that kid. I mean, you can glom on for the ride, but everyone knows who built her. Make no mistake, buddy.
Burt Vickerman: Yeah, that 'kid', that kid is here in spite of you, Chris.
Burt Vickerman: You're kidding.
Chris DeFrank: You know, if I didn't have four girls competing tomorrow, I'd kick your ass just for thinking you had to do with her.
Burt Vickerman: Well, she might not have medaled, but at least she can still walk, right? Good job, Burt.