Alice Graham
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Alice Graham (Character)
from Stick It (2006)

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Stick It (2006)
Alice Graham: I need to talk to you about coming back and training with Chris. Doesn't look good having you training with somebody else.
Haley Graham: [Scoffs] No.
Alice Graham: Hey, hey, hey. You owe Chris some respect.
Haley Graham: I don't respect people who don't respect me.
Alice Graham: And I suppose you think Burt Vickerman respects you?
Haley Graham: Yeah, actually. I do.
Alice Graham: The only thing Burt Vickerman respects is money. He cares about cash and cashing in. And if your daddy hadn't paid him off, you'd be sitting at Texas Military Academy right now.
Haley Graham: What do you mean, 'Paid him off'? Everybody there pays.
Alice Graham: Your daddy called every elite gym in the country; nobody wanted you. Honey, your dad is paying four times what every other girl there is paying.
[Haley turns to walk away]
Alice Graham: You thought he was on your side? He only has one side. His.

Alice Graham: Phyllis?
Mrs. Charis: Alice!
Alice Graham: How are you?
Mrs. Charis: Did you have work done?
Alice Graham: You look great. I'll see you later?
Mrs. Charis: Thanks!
Alice Graham: We'll talk later?
Mrs. Charis: That's not an answer!