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Quotes for
Timms (Character)
from The History Boys (2006)

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The History Boys (2006)
[about A.E. Housman]
Timms: Wasn't he a nancy, sir?
Hector: Foul, festering, grubby-minded little trollop! Do not use that word!
[Hector hits Timms on the head with an exercise book]
Timms: But you use it, sir!
Hector: I do, sir, I know, but I am far gone in age and decrepitude.

Timms: You've got crap handwriting, sir!
Tom Irwin: It's your eyesight that's bad, and we know what that's caused by.
Timms: Sir! Is that a coded reference to the mythical dangers of self-abuse?
Tom Irwin: Possibly. It might even be a joke.
Dakin: A joke, sir. Oh. Are jokes going to be a feature, sir? We need to know as it affects our mindset.

Timms: I don't always understand poetry!
Hector: You don't always understand it? Timms, I never understand it. But learn it now, know it now and you will understand it... whenever.

Tom Irwin: You were quoting somebody. Auden, isn't it?
Timms: [Expansively] Was I, sir? Sometimes it just flows out, y'know, brims over!

[Timms is trying to duck out of Athletics]
Wilkes: What's the matter with you, lad?
Timms: I've got a note.
Wilkes: How much for?
Wilkes: I don't *do* notes! Get changed!
Timms: Sir...
Wilkes: God doesn't do notes, either. Did Jesus Christ say, "Can I be excused the Crucifixion?" No!
Scripps: Actually, sir, I think he *did*...

[in an art-appreciation lesson, discussing the nudes of Michaelangelo]
Timms: These aren't women. They're just men with tits. And the tits look as if they've been put on with an ice-cream scoop!