Cadet Heathcoat
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Cadet Heathcoat (Character)
from Major Payne (1995)

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Major Payne (1995)
Major Payne: Tomorrow ladies, we gonna' start the hard stuff.
Heathcoat: The *hard* stuff?

Heathcoat: Why do I have to wear the dress?
Alex Stone: Because you are the one with the biggest tits!
Heathcoat: SHUT UP!

Major Payne: Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh What you laughin' at pig boy? You find a piece of candy in your pocket? What's your name Son
Heathcoat: H- Heathcoat Sir.
Major Payne: Well Heathcoat, we're gonna make some room for dinner. Drop down and give me 25 crunches. Count 'em out real loud
Heathcoat: One Sir...
Major Payne: One Tubby Tubby Tubby!
Heathcoat: Two Sir...
Major Payne: Two Chubby Chubby Chubby!