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Rosa Frankfurter (Character)
from Jacob the Liar (1974)

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Jacob the Liar (1974)
Rosa Frankfurter: [playing checkers with her dad] You take ages to make a move.
Frankfurter: You want to win by rushing me, or by playing better?
Rosa Frankfurter: You're winning.
Frankfurter: By thinking.
Rosa Frankfurter: Each game lasts at least 2 hours.
Frankfurter: Better to win one than lose 5 time.
[he finally makes a move, his Rosa too]
Frankfurter: No, you'll lose your last checker.
[she makes another move]
Frankfurter: Wrong move.
Rosa Frankfurter: What can I do?
Frankfurter: Nothing
[he smiles]
Frankfurter: Another game?

Rosa Frankfurter: Try harder even if you are a lawyer.

Mischa: Listen to me now. I'm glad you're sad he went. You didn't know him.You just knew his snoring. People disappear each day in the ghetto. We can't get worked up about everyone.
Rosa Frankfurter: You are hard and uncaring.
Mischa: I know. If it weren't for curfew at 8, you'd get up and leave right now.
Rosa Frankfurter: Correct.