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Quotes for
Lina (Character)
from Jakob the Liar (1999)

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Jakob the Liar (1999)
Lina Kronstein: What happened to your wife?
Jakob Heym: They *shot* her. Under a tree. I don't know what kind of tree it was. I didn't bother to ask.

Lina Kronstein: Jakob, there are thieves in your apartment.
Jakob Heym: My apartment? What's to steal?

Lina Kronstein: Tonight is Shabbat.
Jakob Heym: Great. We'll fast like every other night.

Lina Kronstein: Does that mean it's nearly over?
Jakob Heym: [imitating Winston Churchill on the *radio*.] That's a very good question.
Lina Kronstein: He heard me!
Jakob Heym: [imitating the BBC radio announcer.] We remind listeners not to ask questions... as that interferes with reception. And please don't look at the radio!

Jacob the Liar (1974)
[last lines]
Lina: Remember the story?
Jakob Heym: Which one?
Lina: The sick princess. Is it a true story?
Jakob Heym: Of course it is.
Lina: The boys said it is silly.
Jakob Heym: What is silly?
Lina: well with cotton balls. She wanted a cotton ball as big as her pillow.
Jakob Heym: She wanted a cloud. She thought clouds were made of cotton balls.
Lina: Aren't clouds made of cotton balls?