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Frankfurter (Character)
from Jakob the Liar (1999)

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Jacob the Liar (1974)
Rosa Frankfurter: [playing checkers with her dad] You take ages to make a move.
Frankfurter: You want to win by rushing me, or by playing better?
Rosa Frankfurter: You're winning.
Frankfurter: By thinking.
Rosa Frankfurter: Each game lasts at least 2 hours.
Frankfurter: Better to win one than lose 5 time.
[he finally makes a move, his Rosa too]
Frankfurter: No, you'll lose your last checker.
[she makes another move]
Frankfurter: Wrong move.
Rosa Frankfurter: What can I do?
Frankfurter: Nothing
[he smiles]
Frankfurter: Another game?

Mischa: I just wanted to say to you... I mean... you know... We're all here... I wanted to ask you and your wife, of course...
Frankfurter: Speek freely, you're not asking for my hand, are you?
Mischa: I'm asking for Rosa's.

Jakob the Liar (1999)
Frankfurter: Until the last line has been spoken, the curtain cannot come down.

Avron: Jakob Heym may not be the Messiah, but he could be a prophet.
Herschel: Prophets speak in the name of God. All the pancake vendor has got is a radio!
Avron: He's saying the same thing Isaiah said, people of Israel, I will lead you out of bondage.
Frankfurter: [wryly] Out of bondage. If this is what we get from Isaiah, I can't wait to find out the results from the pancake vendor.