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Major General Thomas F. Waverly (Character)
from White Christmas (1954)

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White Christmas (1954)
Gen. Thomas F. Waverly: There's no Christmas in the Army, Captain.

[General Waverly has told the jeep driver to take the new Commanding General back to Headquarters via "the short cut"]
Joe, Adjutant Captain: [pointing after the departed jeep] That's not the way back to Headquarters!
Gen. Thomas F. Waverly: Joe, YOU know that, and I know that, but, uh, the General doesn't know it. At least he won't for about an hour and a half.
Joe, Adjutant Captain: That sergeant will be a private in the morning.
Gen. Thomas F. Waverly: [wearily] Yes, isn't he lucky.

[General Waverly has come downstairs for the Christmas Eve show in his uniform]
Gen. Thomas F. Waverly: [to Susan] You didn't expect me to come down in my bathrobe, did you?

Gen. Thomas F. Waverly: [to Capt. Wallace] Don't just stand there - how do I get off?

Phil Davis: We wouldn't be any good as generals.
Gen. Thomas F. Waverly: You weren't any good as privates

Gen. Thomas F. Waverly: Why here?
Bob Wallace: Well, you got this nice big empty ski lodge, and the minute Phil and I saw it, we thought it was ideal, didn't we, Phil?
Phil Davis: Uh, that's right, Bob, ideal. That's exactly the word we used, too - ideal. We looked at this big ski lodge and we said "Isn't it ideal, absolutely, ideal," didn't we?
Bob Wallace: Ideal.
Gen. Thomas F. Waverly: We've established the fact the lodge is ideal.

Gen. Thomas F. Waverly: I got along very well in the Army without you.
Emma Allen: It took 15,000 men to take m' place.

Gen. Thomas F. Waverly: How could you have sent all my suits to the cleaners?
Emma Allen: [laconically] You've only got two.
Gen. Thomas F. Waverly: Well, I think you'd send one at a time then, in that case.

[Susan and the General enter the ballroom to find two rows of soldiers forming a path to the stage]
Bob Wallace: [Steping up to the General and saluting] Troops ready for inspection, sir!
Joe, Adjutant Captain: [at his side] Just routine, sir.
Gen. Thomas F. Waverly: ["inspecting the troops" at the inn] I am not satisfied with the conduct of this division. Some of you men are under the impression having been at Anzio entitles you not to wear neckties. Well you're wrong. Neckties will be worn in this area! And look at the rest of your appearance. You're a disgrace to the outfit. You're soft! You're sloppy! You're unruly! You're undisciplined!
Gen. Thomas F. Waverly: And I never saw anything look so wonderful in my whole life! Thank you all.