Judy Haynes
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Judy Haynes (Character)
from White Christmas (1954)

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White Christmas (1954)
Betty Haynes: [finding Judy and Phil embracing] What is this? The best two outta three?
Judy Haynes: I guess I got carried away.
Phil Davis: Yes, she carried me right with her - I don't weigh very much.

Judy Haynes: We're booked for the holidays.
Phil Davis: Vermont, huh?
Judy Haynes: Oh, Vermont should be beautiful this time of the year, with all that snow.
Phil Davis: Yeah, you know something?
Judy Haynes: What?
Phil Davis: Vermont should be beautiful this time of the year, all that snow.
Judy Haynes: That's what I just said.
Phil Davis: We seem to be getting a little mixed up.
Judy Haynes: Maybe it's the music.
Phil Davis: Maybe it isn't only the music.

Judy Haynes: [about Betty] Mm-mm, but I got a flash for you.
Phil Davis: What?
Judy Haynes: She's a real slow mover.
Phil Davis: Honey, I got a flash right back for ya: she's in there with the champ.

Judy Haynes: [about Betty] Last night, she couldn't sleep; today, she won't eat: she's in love.
Phil Davis: Well, if that's love, somebody goofed.

Phil Davis: We like to take care of our friends.
Betty Haynes: We're practically strangers!
Phil Davis: Well... well, we'd like to take care of that, too.
Judy Haynes: But... but you might get yourself in an awful jam. Why should you? I mean, what's in it for you?
Phil Davis: Forty-five minutes all to myself.

Judy Haynes: [after creating her phony engagement with Phil] But, don't you think we ought to... oh... kiss or something?
Phil Davis: [Obviously nervous] Uh... n-n-not until it's absolutely necessary.

Judy Haynes: Looks like it's absolutely necessary.

[after Bob has found out about Phil and Judy's phony engagement]
Judy Haynes: Well, ib... ib... ib... It's always that she's been kind of a mother hen.
Phil Davis: Yeah, we wanted the mother hen to leave the roost so that the little chick could... Oh, I guess we laid an egg.
Bob Wallace: An egg? Brother, you laid a Vermont volleyball!

Judy Haynes: [to Phil] Well, you're not exactly Superman, but you're awfully available.

Phil Davis, Judy Haynes: [singing] Even guys with two left feet come out all right if the girl is sweet.

[last lines]
Phil Davis, Bob Wallace, Betty Haynes, Judy Haynes: [singing] ... And may all your Christmases be white. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Judy Haynes: [inquiring about the inn] Well, are things really that bad?
Emma Allen: We're using the ski tow to hang the wash on.