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Warlock (Character)
from Warlock (1989)

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Warlock (1989)
[upon meeting Redferne in the present day]
Warlock: Of all the curiosities here I've seen, none have surprised me more than this.

Little Boy: You tellin' me you're a witch? You ain't no witch! Witches are girls!
Warlock: Some are men.
Little Boy: Yeah? So where's your broomstick?

Warlock: You hail spirits, do you not?
Channeler: Yes... I channel them. Were you, uh, at the session?
Warlock: Then channel me a spirit.

Giles Redferne: So, you fear me.
Warlock: 'Tis I who others fear.
Giles Redferne: Not you, the magic.

[the Channeler is faking the channeling of a spirit for the Warlock]
Channeler: I have come - Zamiel. Ask... me... what... you... will.
Warlock: I would ask that we wait.
Channeler: For... what... do... we... wait?
Warlock: For the true Zamiel to appear.

Warlock: [placing a hex on Kassandra] Tout, Tout, through and about; your callow life in dismay. Rentum, Osculum, Tormentum: a decade twice over a day.

Warlock: How comes it that you have brought me here?
Channeler: [possessed by Zamiel] Bring together that which has been thirded. Bring together my bible.
Warlock: The Grand Grimoire, here? Now?

Warlock: The Armageddon (1993)
Augusto: Do not give him the stone. He is E-vil!
Warlock: Ah, so you really are psychic?

Warlock: [first line of his resurrection] Won't you give your boy a kiss, Mother?

Warlock: I'm not a *man*, I am a witch.

Warlock: Picasso. Definitely Picasso.

Warlock: When I look at a fool, I see a mirror... But when I look in a mirror, I see a fool!

Warlock: Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the scaredest one of all?

Warlock III: The End of Innocence (1999) (V)
The Warlock: A child of the caul, born of witch's blood. You'll be sacrificed and as your blood runs, I'll raise from the pits of Hell a woman, a consort who will mother a race of evil the world has never seen. It is my purpose, my destiny, and yours.

Kris: What do you want?
Warlock: You.

The Warlock: You don't have the power!