Sally Mannis
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Sally Mannis (Character)
from Welcome to Mooseport (2004)

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Welcome to Mooseport (2004)
Sally Mannis: I am not stronger than you, I'm a girl.
Handy Harrison: Exactly so it hurts both physically and emotionally.

Sally Mannis: What does it matter what color my underwear are?
Handy Harrison: It's an unconscious indicator of your subconscious intentions.

Sally Mannis: Are you doing the plumbing for the whole town now?
Handy Harrison: No I came to see you.
Sally Mannis: Through the drain?

Handy Harrison: Hold on, I got you something.
Sally Mannis: Dirt?
Handy Harrison: [Takes the dirt from the ring] It's dirty but ...
Sally Mannis: Oh.
Handy Harrison: Look I dont know how you feel.
[Sally kisses Handy]
Handy Harrison: Is that a "Yes" kiss?
Sally Mannis: Yes
[Sally kisses Handy again]
Handy Harrison: It's dirt now, but... It's really beautiful.
Sally Mannis: It's beautiful.
Handy Harrison: It's big and - Thats not just one diamond, theres diamonds on the side
[Sally laughs. Handy places the ring on her finger]
Handy Harrison: It's diamonds and mud. Oh did I say in the speech - ? I forgot the whole part about how much I love you. I didn't say it, but - Yes, I didn't - you know, theres no - I didn't make a word thing out of it, but you can't even measure it. It's like - like, if you take all the sun - You can take all the heat from the sun and you - If you put all of that heat into a love container, you ...
Sally Mannis: [Grabs Handy's face and playfully slaps his cheek] Got it.
Handy Harrison: You got it?
Sally Mannis: Yes
Handy Harrison: But you said yes anyway. So this is all extra. Like a bonus to it.

Handy Harrison: There's supposed to be a meteor shower at eleven. That could be cool.
Sally Mannis: It'll have to be another time.
Handy Harrison: Oh, it's not gonna happen for 240 years. Oh, okay, I'll pencil that in.