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Frederick Larrabee (Character)
from What's Up, Doc? (1972)

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What's Up, Doc? (1972)
[Judy and Howard have their heads under the table, Howard is trying to convince Judy to leave, Frederick joins them]
Frederick Larrabee: What's going on down here? You two just can't keep away from each other, can you?
Howard: Oh, we were just talking.
Hugh: [Joins them] Are you all right Mr Larrabee? Can I help?
Frederick Larrabee: No, it's fine, we were just chatting.
Musicologist: [Joins them] What's the matter?
Musicologist: [Joins them] Anything wrong?
Frederick Larrabee: No.
Judy: We're just testing a theory Howard has about Vocal Reverberation Under Spinal Pressure.
Professor Hosquith: [Joins them] What? Vocal Reverberation Under Spinal Pressure?
Judy: You know, V.R.U.S.P.?
Musicologist: Oh yes!
Musicologist: I think I read a monograph on that.

Frederick Larrabee: Don't you *dare* strike that brave, unbalanced woman.

Eunice: [fighting off a waiter trying to restrain her] Howard! Howard Bannister! They're trying, they're trying to keep me out!
Frederick Larrabee: [to Howard] Who is that dangerously unbalanced woman?
Eunice: Howard! Howard! Tell them who I am. Tell them who I am. I *demand* that you tell them who I am right this minute.
Howard: [after a long pause] I never saw this woman before in my life.
[Eunice faints and is dragged from the room, leaving scuff marks on the floor. Judy whistles]

Frederick Larrabee: We would like to hear the story that Miss Burns...
Judy: Burnsey!
Frederick Larrabee: That Burnsey...
Howard: He's calling her Burnsey.
Frederick Larrabee: That Burnsey was telling us. What was it Howard? Some incredible adventure you had on your flight here?
Howard: Yes. No.
Judy: I'm afraid my Howard is too modest to tell you the story himself. It all started when we passed the point of no return.
Howard: I think we just passed it.
Judy: One of the engines failed and the flux valve refused to disconnect. One of the pilots fainted from an over supply of fear and went into this power dive. So Howard took his rocks into the cockpit and selected two of them with a particularly high magnetic content and set up an electrically induced field pattern on the giro counter...
Howard: I'm having a nightmare.

Judy: ...just possibly saving 120 passengers from a tragic firey death.
Frederick Larrabee: I find that story intensely moving.

Hugh: I think the Hugh Simon theory will stand the test of time.
Judy: Exactly what *is* that theory Mr Simon?
Hugh: I doubt you are qualified to understand it but it says that the 16th and 17th century composers developed a uniform scale platform based upon the intervals utilised in the mountaineer yodel.
Judy: And you developed this theory? That should come as a shock to Professor Findelmeyer.
Hugh: I don't know what you're talking about.
Judy: Sure you do, the Findelmeyer Proposition.
Hugh: I don't know what you're talking about, besides that has never been translated.
Judy: Just once. Harvard Musicological review, 1925. It's probably out of print now...
Frederick Larrabee: Of course! Professor Heinrich Findelmeyer, the university of Zurich, 1911, the controversial Findelmeyer Proposition, no wonder it sounded so familiar. I'm sorry Simon
[rips up the grant check]
Hugh: This is despicable.
Frederick Larrabee: Hugh, you're a bad loser, you're a plagiarist and you're nasty. I don't like you and I want you to go away.

Howard: Sir, I must point out to you...
Frederick Larrabee: I must point out to you that foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.
Judy: Emerson!
Frederick Larrabee: I beg your pardon?
Judy: Ralph Waldo Emerson, born 1803 died 1882.
Frederick Larrabee: You like Emerson?
Judy: I adore him.
Frederick Larrabee: I adore anyone who adores Emerson.
Judy: And I adore anyone who adores anyone who adores Emerson, your turn!
Frederick Larrabee: She's a delight Bannister, a delight and you're a lucky dog.
Howard: I...
Frederick Larrabee: Admit it! Admit you're a lucky dog.
Howard: I'm a lucky dog.
Frederick Larrabee: Miss Burns, may I call you Eunice?
Howard: No!
Frederick Larrabee: What's that?
Judy: What Howard means is that back where we come from everyone calls me Burnsey.
Frederick Larrabee: Burnsey! I like that.

Eunice: Mr Larrabee.
Frederick Larrabee: Frederick.
Eunice: Frederick. Will you help me?
Frederick Larrabee: Yes, I will. Who are you?
Eunice: I am Eunice Burns.
Hugh: Who cares who she is. We're going to be killed.

Judge Maxwell: Officer! What are these people being charged with
Arresting Officer: It's kind of hard to explain, Judge.
Judge Maxwell: Give it a shot.
Arresting Officer: Well we picked most of them out of San Francisco bay.
Judge Maxwell: Entering the country illegally?
Arresting Officer: No sir, they drove in.
Judge Maxwell: Into the country?
Arresting Officer: Into the bay.
Judge Maxwell: Ah, that's better. Unauthorized use of public water.
Arresting Officer: Mostly in stolen cars.
Judge Maxwell: Ah ha, that's grand larceny.
Arresting Officer: Then there was a shooting...
Judge Maxwell: That's assault with a deadly weapon.
Frederick Larrabee: They broke into my home.
Judge Maxwell: That's breaking and entering.
Frederick Larrabee: [indicating Eunice] And brought her with them forcibly!
Judge Maxwell: That's kidnapping.
Eunice: They tried to molest me.
Judge Maxwell: That's... unbelievable.

Frederick Larrabee: [as Eunice and the jewel thieves burst into Larabee's home] Don't you dare strike that brave, unbalanced woman!