Lani Aliikai
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Lani Aliikai (Character)
from Surf's Up (2007)

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Surf's Up (2007)
Lani Aliikai: Oh, crap!
[runs out to save drowning penguin]
Cody Maverick: Oh man, I'm in love.
Arnold: Help me, I'm drowning.
Chicken Joe: What are you standing here next to me for? You should go talk to her.
Cody Maverick: No way, man! I'm not gonna go talk to her.
Chicken Joe: Dude, she's totally into you! She called you crap!

Lani Aliikai: [Cody and Lani wash off under a waterfall] Can I ask you something personal?
Cody Maverick: Lani, we're in the shower together! Y'can say whatever you want.

Cody Maverick: This is insane.
Lani Aliikai: Stop fighting it, Cody! Just let go!

Arnold: [Lani saves him] Well, thanks again.
Lani Aliikai: Alright, well this is the third time you've been unconscious this week. I just don't think it's very good for your brain.
Arnold: I know.
[hugs Lani]

Lani Aliikai: You know, I'm kinda jealous of you...
Cody Maverick: Of me? ME? Why?
Lani Aliikai: Well, I've been trying to get Z out of his shack for years, and then along you come and you get him out in one day...
Cody Maverick: What's the story between you two, anyway?
Lani Aliikai: He's my uncle.
Cody Maverick: Your UNCLE?
Lani Aliikai: Yeah. He's the only family I've ever had.

Lani Aliikai: I love my job. I have an amazing job. Just this week, with the contest coming up and all, it's a little crazy. You really have to be extra, extra attentive. And you have so many guys in the water and you can't miss a thing. But you know what, I have a perfect record. I've never lost anybody, Sure there have been close calls, but...
Arnold: Help!
Lani Aliikai: Oh, Arnold. I turn my back for one...

Lani Aliikai: Okay.
Cody Maverick: That was awesome. How you said his life and all. That was just unbelievable really.

Lani Aliikai: I'll be watching you.
Cody Maverick: Really? You'll be watching me?
Lani Aliikai: Well, yeah, from the lifeguard station.
Cody Maverick: Yeah, you know yeah.

Lani Aliikai: Woah, woah, woah. woah. Arnold, no.