Colonel James Braddock
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Colonel James Braddock (Character)
from Missing in Action (1984)

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Missing in Action (1984)
Col. James Braddock: The misfortunes of war!

Col. James Braddock: [to Ann while undressing] Do you mind?... I'm a bit shy.

Tuck: Do we run or fight?
Col. James Braddock: We don't have a choice now.

Col. James Braddock: Damn right!

Col. James Braddock: [On the phone] This is Braddock. I'll go.

Sen. Maxwell Porter: Colonel James Braddock
Gen. Trau: Ah, Colonel Braddock. I heard much about you. Welcome to the People's Republic of Vietnam.
[Offers a handshake but Braddock ignores him and stares at him]
Sen. Maxwell Porter: Colonel! You are a goddamn embarrasment, Braddock.
Col. James Braddock: That's why I'm here, senator.

Gen. Trau: Colonel Braddock, is it not true that during the war there was a price on your head of 5,000 American Dollars?
Col. James Braddock: It was more like 20,000. Why don't you tell us why there was a price on my head?
Gen. Trau: For your war crimes, of course.
Col. James Braddock: For killing assholes like you!

Col. James Braddock: I'm looking for Jack Tucker, is he around?
Madame Pearl: He'll be here in a moment.
[Tucker falls from over the railing in the second floor, onto a table and smashes it]
Col. James Braddock: Thanks. How's it going, Tuck?
Tuck: Braddock, what the hell are you doing here?
Col. James Braddock: I wanna rent your boat. It's important, how much?
Tuck: [Tucker replies while fighting goons] Five grand... four grand...
Col. James Braddock: I didn't hear ya.
Tuck: Two...
Col. James Braddock: Did you say one thousand?
Tuck: No... yeah, thousand bucks.
Col. James Braddock: That's what I thought you said. Come on!

Braddock: Missing in Action III (1988)
Littlejohn: Braddock! I'm warning you, don't step on any toes.
Col. James Braddock: I don't step on toes, Littlejohn, I step on necks.

Col. James Braddock: Walk or crawl, we're gonna make it!

Littlejohn: I warned you Braddock not to fuck with us.
Col. James Braddock: Don't try to stop me Littlejohn.
Littlejohn: You're stopped.

Gen. Quoc: I have tested many before, Braddock, and no one has lasted even an hour. Maybe you can be the first, eh?
Col. James Braddock: I'll do whatever you want. Just let the boy go.
Gen. Quoc: You will do what I want... anyways.

Missing in Action 2: The Beginning (1985)
Colonel Braddock: You really didn't think I'd leave... without making sure you were dead?

Colonel Braddock: The game's over!

[last lines]
Colonel Braddock: This is for me.
[Braddock pushes a button, and everything explodes behind him]