Lisa Janusch
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Lisa Janusch (Character)
from Sugar & Spice (2001)

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Sugar & Spice (2001)
Lisa Janusch: ...he was a bar of chocolate and the whole school was on the rag - everybody wanted a piece.

Lisa Janusch: I don't know about the Hey, but the Ho was right on.

Lisa Janusch: [while watching a group of girls do cheerleading moves while robbing the bank] That's an illegal dismount.

Lisa Janusch: Then, there's Hannah Wald. She's this uber-Christian, doesn't really say much. In fact, if she wasn't kinda pretty, you'd say ''Hey, who's the 'tard?''

Lisa Janusch: It blew like a bulimic after Christmas dinner

Kansas: Hey Lisa, did you meet Carmen Electra this summer?
Lisa Janusch: No.
Kansas: Oh, cause it looks like you got some of her tits on you.

Lisa Janusch: Normally I'm a good skater, but some jealous fag
[shows a picture of Bruce]
Lisa Janusch: , who will remain nameless, obviously sabotaged them.