Hannah Wald
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Hannah Wald (Character)
from Sugar & Spice (2001)

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Sugar & Spice (2001)
[Kansas's mom sends Betty doll masks]
Hannah: [reading card] Be careful, have fun. Ski masks are so done. Use these masks to fight the power and never bend over in the shower.

Hannah: I'm sorry, can someone else please run the board? It's creepy, it's wrong, and it goes against the teachings of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Kansas: Hannah, in order to get real answers from the Netherworld, you've gotta have a Christian virgin run the board. Your kind is pure of heart, the devil won't dick with you.

Hannah: I'm gonna be someone's bald bitch!

Hannah: Technically I don't think I'm a virgin anymore. This past summer at church camp I think I had my first orgasm.
Kansas: Any sentence that starts with church camp ain't leading to the big O.
Cleo Miller: That's not true Kansas. All those pictures of Jesus all sweaty and bare-chested on the cross always made me kinda hot.
Diane: I want to hear.
Hannah: Okay, so one night I want out horseback riding with the nuns - they went every night and we're trotting pretty hard you know. And suddenly I feel-i feel just super alive. You know.

Hannah: [at the ouija board] Who made up the one-question-a-week rule anyway?

Hannah: And Tim Conoway was very funny. And they all learned a lot from the experience a...
Kansas: Wait a minute. You watched The Apple FUCKING Dumpling Gang?