Rayford Steele
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Rayford Steele (Character)
from Left Behind: The Movie (2000) (V)

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Left Behind: The Movie (2000) (V)
Rayford: [reading the Bible] "In the beginning..."
Rayford: It's a little late for that.

Chloe Steele: I have exams, I have to go!
Rayford Steele: And I have a flight. It's called a job. Welcome to the real world!

Rayford Steele: Think about it. Where did she spend the most time? Where was she the happiest?
Chloe Steele: She has happiest when you were home.

Rayford Steele: The believers have been spared for what's next.
Chloe Steele: What's next?
Rayford Steele: It's gonna get a lot worse.
Chloe Steele: What could be worse than this?

Bruce Barnes: Use me, O Lord, please just use me.
Rayford Steele: He already has.

Left Behind (2014/I)
[from trailer]
Rayford Steele: I know you all want answers, and believe me, so do I.

Rayford Steele: Chloe, are you okay?
Chloe Steele: Yeah, but Mom and Raymie, they're both gone!

Rayford Steele: Irene knew this was coming, the way it happened, how could she know that?

Rayford Steele: I have no spoilers, no flaps, no elevators, and if I run this thing dry, no reverse thrust, I need some room!

Left Behind III: World at War (2005)
Amanda White: Captain Rayford Steele, you are not the person I would expect to marry.
Rayford Steele: [laughs] Gee, thanks.