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Buck Williams (Character)
from Left Behind: The Movie (2000) (V)

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Left Behind: The Movie (2000) (V)
[Dirk is going nuts trying to get Buck to buy into Dirk's conspiracy theory]
Buck Williams: When is the last time you slept?
Dirk: I'll get all the sleep I need when I'm dead.

[Chloe discovers Buck asleep on her couch and grabs a vase, thinking he's an intruder]
Chloe Steele: Hold it right there, don't move.
[Sees who it is]
Chloe Steele: Buck Williams? What are you doing in my house?
Buck Williams: Hoping you're not gonna brain me with that vase.

Buck Williams: Ivy, see if you can get Dirk Burton on the phone.
Ivy Gold: What, do you need another story from Area 51?

Buck Williams: Whoever this antichrist guy is, he's gonna have one big war on his hands if he tries to rebuild this temple anytime soon.

Buck Williams: How do you describe both the beginning and an end? We should have known better, but we didn't. What does it matter if we think we know? In the end, there's no denying the truth.

Buck Williams: I don't have all the answers, but for now faith is enough.

Buck Williams: It's true. I can't believe it, it's true!

Ken Ritz: A guy on the radio quoted a thing from the Bible. You know the story of the two men in the field, one man gets taken and the other's left standing there. Two women in a kitchen, one gets taken, the other's left doing the dishes.
Buck Williams: Yeah, but what do all the missing people have in common?
Ken Ritz: Well, all the kids are gone like the Pied Piper story, but explain the adults.
Buck Williams: So something made all children and adults, selected adults, a target.
Ken Ritz: What, you mean like easier to snatch?
Buck Williams: It could be blood type, brainwaves, DNA, who knows.
Buck Williams: This is insane. People don't just disappear.
Ken Ritz: Now the real question is, are they gone for good or will they be sent back? Or worse, will more of us disappear? How do you hide from something like this?
Buck Williams: Maybe the common factor isn't in those who were taken, it's in those who were left behind.

Left Behind III: World at War (2005)
[from trailer]
President Gerald Fitzhugh: [as Buck looks at his Bible] Answers first, prayers later!
Buck Williams: The answer's in there.

[closing line]
Buck Williams: [to Carolyn] We need to talk.

Buck Williams: [Chole is about to leave and take medicine to the sick] I don't like this idea and your dad won't either.
Chloe Steele: You're supposed to love and obey.

Left Behind II: Tribulation Force (2002)
Buck Williams: Don't worry, God will protect me. Pray for me.
Chloe Steele: I did. I asked him to bring you home.

Rayford Steele: God got us this far, he'll take us the rest of the way. You just get Ben Judah there and I'll handle the rest. Besides I told Chloe I'll look out for you.
Buck Williams: Really? I told her I'd look after you.
Rayford Steele: Really?

Rayford Steele: What can you do?
Buck Williams: I can't do anything, but God can.