Susan Lowenstein
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Susan Lowenstein (Character)
from The Prince of Tides (1991)

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The Prince of Tides (1991)
Herbert Woodruff: That Stradivarius is worth over a million dollars!
Tom Wingo: Well, if I drop it, it won't be worth shit.
Susan Lowenstein: Don't do it, Tom.
Tom Wingo: Apologize to your wife, Herbert.
Herbert Woodruff: You're bluffing.
Tom Wingo: I may be, but its a powerful bluff, isn't it, asshole?
[Tom throws fiddle high in the air]
Herbert Woodruff: [screaming] I'm sorry, Susan!
[Tom catches fiddle]
Tom Wingo: Sincerity becomes you, Herbie. Now apologize to me for your unforgivable breach of etiquette at the dinner table tonight, you possum-bred cocksucker.
Herbert Woodruff: I'm very sorry, Tom.

Susan Lowenstein: I've gotta find me a nice Jewish boy. You guys are killing me.

Susan Lownstein: So you feel your mother betrayed you?
Tom Wingo: I was talking about my *wife*!
Susan Lowenstein: Oh...

Tom Wingo: [shouts] This is not about me!
Susan Lowenstein: Then, why are you so upset?

Susan Lowenstein: How did you deal with his death?
Tom Wingo: I shut down like a broken motor.
Susan Lowenstein: Huh. And according to the Southern way, still no tears.
Tom Wingo: [laughing] Oh, I cry sometimes, Lowenstein. I cry at weddings, at the Olympics. I'm real big at the national anthem.
Susan Lowenstein: But not over Luke?
Tom Wingo: What the hell for? It wouldn't bring him back.
Susan Lowenstein: No. But it might bring you back.

Tom Wingo: It's the Southern Way; when things get too painful, we either avoid them or we laugh.
Susan Lownstein: When do you cry?
Tom Wingo: [laughing] We don't.

Susan Lowenstein: Just admit it. You love her more.
Tom Wingo: No. Not more, Lowenstein. Only longer.