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Dr. Rachel Keyes (Character)
from Little Black Book (2004)

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Little Black Book (2004)
Dr. Rachel Keyes: Why don't you just relax, Barbara?
Stacy: Okay.
Dr. Rachel Keyes: I'm just going to put your feet in these stirrups.
Stacy: Stirrups?
Stacy: A gynecologist? Not a podiatrist? 10-to-1 those aren't for the opera!
Dr. Rachel Keyes: And we'll have a little look-see.
Stacy: Look-see? Where?
Dr. Rachel Keyes: Oops! Someone left their panties on!
Stacy: Oops!
Dr. Rachel Keyes: There we go. Good. Comfy?
Stacy: Well, let's see: I'm spread-eagle in front of my boyfriend's ex who's about to go searching for warts.
Stacy: Super, thanks.
Dr. Rachel Keyes: Barbara, you know what they say, right? You can never be too rich, too thin or too far down on the table, so let's scooch ya!
Dr. Rachel Keyes: I'm going to insert the speculum, now.
Stacy: Oh, good. Narration.
Dr. Rachel Keyes: You may feel a bit of pressure.
Stacy: OW!
Dr. Rachel Keyes: Oh, would you take a look at that cervix, Nurse Kisilevsky. Textbook. I'm not the first person who's told you that, I'm sure.
Stacy: Can't hear it enough!