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Orpheus (Character)
from Orpheus (1950)

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Are You Afraid of the Dark?: The Tale of Orpheo's Curse (1994) (VG)
Terry: Are you Orpheo?
Orpheo: Indeed!
Alex: No way! You'd be over a hundred years old.
Orpheo: Ah, but you see, I have the ability to maintain my youth!
Alex: Yeah, right.
Orpheo: Ooh, a non-believer! I adore such wonderful people!

Orpheo: Welcome to the Museum of Nature's Oddities, where seeing is believing! Collecting these peculiarities has always been a hobby of mine.
Terry: How did you do that?
[notices Alex is missing]
Terry: Hey, wait a minute; where's my brother?
Orpheo: Sometimes, these tricks don't always work the way they used to. Please, amuse yourself with my little curio room. I will return once I've found Alex.
Terry: Hey, how did he know Alex's name? Wait a minute... I'm all alone. Come back here!

Orpheo: You and your brother will never escape! There is no way out of Orpheo's Palace! I need you two to be my assistants tonight... and you will be!

Terry: This must be the theater office.
Orpheo: Found anything interesting?
[Terry turns around]
Orpheo: Since you're so keen on snooping... I'll just have to make sure you stay here. I need you and your brother for tonight's performance.
[blockades the door with a brick wall, then disappears]
Terry: That creep!

"Hercules: Hercules and the Prom (#1.40)" (1998)
Orpheus: Who are you?
Icarus: No, the question is, who are you! Huh? Who are you? This young man came to you for a simple wish, and do you listen to him? No! You just grunt and play your stupid glockenspiel!
Hercules: Uh, Icarus, that's a lyre.
Icarus: No sir! That's a liar! A big, fat, forget-the-fans-who-made-him kind of liar! You claim to speak for the youth of today, but what do you really know about them? Don't answer that, because we all know it's bupkus! We're glad you're not playing our prom, and do you know why? Because you are not worhy of it! Good day, sir! I said good day!
Hercules: Icarus, what was that?
Icarus: Reverse psychology.
Orpheus: Wait.
Icarus: See?

Orpheus: I must thank you, Hercules.
Hercules: Good, but we really should be...
Orpheus: No, seriously. I owe you one. You have saved me from me.
Hades: But can he save you from... me? Hercules and Orpheus, come on down!

Lastrigon: You sing for Lastrigon.
Orpheus: No way! I'm an artist, not a trained monkey, you big, fat tub of guts.
Lastrigon: [Crying] Me can't help weight problem.

Hades: [Booming voice] Mortal! On your knees and gaze upon my magnificent evil!
Orpheus: [Unperturbed] Who are you?
Hades: Oy, why do I even bother? Name's Hades, Lord of the Underworld. Hi, how ya doin'?

"The Storyteller: Greek Myths: Orpheus & Eurydice (#1.3)" (1991)
Orpheus: [to Eurydice] I am Orpheus. Or... pheus. I have sung storms to sleep. I have made the clashing rocks move away from our ship. I have been to the end of the world and seen things more terrible, more beautiful than I thought could be. But you...

Hades: Who comes uninvited to my kingdom?
Orpheus: I am Orpheus, king of Thrace, son of Calliope.
Hades: And what does King Orpheus seek from Hades?
Orpheus: The soul now before you in judgement. Eurydice, my wife.
Hades: No soul returns from my kingdom.
Orpheus: Love is stronger than death.
Hades: [laughs] Nothing is stronger than death, little musician.

Persephone: Everything must die, Orpheus, the people we love most have to die, even the rocks, the earth itself is eaten away by time. Everything must die, Orpheus.
Orpheus: [stops playing his flute] To live again!

Orpheus: My lyre must always play. For without music we are nothing. We knead the shapes out of nothing. Tunes out of silence, love out of hate. Music that lasts forever.

Hercules (1958)
Argos: All of you here in the arena? And have you all changed to his ways? Ha. Talk to the men, they speak only of Hercules.
Laertes: He's won their hearts. They won't listen to me. To my way of thinking, he could start them battling against their elders.
Orpheus: No, Laertes. Just watch Hercules, a born master of these things. If he could fight here, he could bring defeat to our enemies. Look at him, standing with Castor and Pollux. Deceit does not go with a man of such qualities.

Aesculapius, father of Jason: They've all become fanatics since Hercules arrived. They seem to worship nothing but strength.
Laertes: Their studies are neglected for the glory of the arena. Isn't that so, Orpheus?
Orpheus: Yes Laertes, for the moment, poetry languishes. And my lyre will soon sing songs of nothing but heroes in battles.

Black Orpheus (1959)
Zeca: [reading the text on the guitar] "Orpheus is my Master."
Orfeo: That's true.

"Xena: Warrior Princess: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (#2.4)" (1996)
Xena: Find a way to make him presentable, and then we'll leave.
Joxer: Wait a minute. What did she mean, make you presentable?
Orpheus: She doesn't want me to look like you