Martha Beck
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Martha Beck (Character)
from Lonely Hearts (2006)

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The Honeymoon Killers (1970)
Martha Beck: Mama, I'm not your little girl!

Martha Beck: What's the matter, can't you sleep? You woke me up.
Myrtle Young: Oh I'm sorry, I guess I'm just restless.
Martha Beck: You want a sleeping pill? I've got some.
Myrtle Young: You have any other kind?
Martha Beck: What do you mean?
Myrtle Young: Never mind. You wouldn't, you're too square!
Martha Beck: You sigh a lot, don't you? In nursing school they taught us that people who sigh a lot are unstable. Is that your problem?
Myrtle Young: No! I was just thinkin' about your brother; and how handsome he looked in that toupee I gave him. He lied to you.
Martha Beck: I don't believe it, he never lies to me!
Myrtle Young: I think he's a little bit afraid of you, that's probably why he never married before. I think I'm gonna have to show him what to do!
Martha Beck: You must think you're an authority!
Myrtle Young: Well I *am* pregnant!
Martha Beck: Not only are you pregnant, you are disgusting! You're the hottest bitch I've ever seen!
Myrtle Young: I don't have to take that from you! And let me tell you something. I am in love with your brother. And if we decide to make a go of this marriage, which I think we'll do, and sooner than you think, why we'll get out of here before you can say 'Jack Robinson'. We will go to Little Rock. Why, as a matter of fact, I will make all the arrangements on the phone with my Papa tomorrow! Charles will fit right in with us, he has STYLE. And you, you can go right back to that, that, that, that hospital of yours where you can boss everybody around! Now I'm going back to my husband!

Martha Beck: [after making their first kill] Do you want the light on or off?
Raymond Fernandez: Leave the light on. I want to make love.

Martha Beck: You promised! You promised!

Lonely Hearts (2006)
Martha Beck: Has anybody ever loved you that much, detective? To kill or die... for you?

Martha Beck: You know what they say about cops and donuts?
Charles Hilderbrandt: No, what?
Martha Beck: Neither one's any good without a hole in them.
Charles Hilderbrandt: They say that about women, too.

Martha Beck: You just as soon see me burn, so you can go home to your little house, your little wife, your little life, and pound you chest little like a monkey. Huh? I take some amusement in denying you and your donuts that pleasure.
Det. Elmer Robinson: Mrs. Beck...
Martha Beck: You can call me Martha, honey.
Det. Elmer Robinson: Martha. My life is a never ending sewer of maggots like you. You're going to grow old and die in an ugly box with bars at one end and a shitter at the other. In a couple years I won't even remember your name. Just gonna be a case file stamped "closed".