Eddie Lampell
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Eddie Lampell (Character)
from Drive Me Crazy (1999)

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Drive Me Crazy (1999)
Eddie Lampell: Who would you rather do: Agent Scully or Gillian Anderson?
Alicia DeGasario: They're the same person, you idiot.
Eddie Lampell: [to Chase] How about you?
Chase: Let's see, a flaky, self-absorbed actress or a gun-toting, badass FBI agent with years of pent-up sexual tension? No contest.
Eddie Lampell: My man. What I wouldn't do to Scully...
Alicia DeGasario: I'm sure she's been drooled on before.

Dee Vine: Sorry, Dave. I would've driven him home, but I can't drive his car. It's a stick.
Eddie Lampell: Well, I'll show you how to drive a stick right now. Here it is. Come on.
Dee Vine: I meant a real car, Eddie, not a matchbox.

[Eddie is beating up Dave]
Eddie Lampell: What are you thinking Designated Dave? Huh? This isn't Revenge of the Nerds, man! No radioactive spider bit you!

Eddie Lampell: You think you're Miss Thing. But you know what? You're just a wanna-be who got lucky with a case of bulimia!

Eddie Lampell: The key to pleasing a woman is sweet talk. You're so beautiful. Have you lost weight? And then there are the three words that always seal the deal for me...
Chase: Another tequila shot?