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Quotes for
Flask (Character)
from Moby Dick (1956)

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Moby Dick (1956)
Starbuck, first mate: It is our task in life to kill whales, to furnish oil for the lamps of the world. If we perform that task well and faithfully, we do a service to mankind that pleases Almighty God. Ahab would deny all that. He has taken us from the rich harvest we were reaping to satisfy his lust for vengeance. He is twisting that which is holy into something dark and purposeless. He is a Champion of Darkness. Ahab's red flag challenges the heavens.
Stubb: Well, sir, if it's like that, I don't wonder that you, a religious man, might be a bit downcast. But I don't much see what you can do about it.
Starbuck, first mate: Listen to this.
Starbuck, first mate: [He goes over to a bookshelf, picks up a heavy book, opens it, and reads aloud from it]
Starbuck, first mate: "A captain who, from private motives, employs his vessel for another purpose from that intended by the owners, is answerable to the charge of usurpation, and his crew is morally and legally entitled to employ forceful means in wresting his command from him."
Stubb: Well, that's a mouthful, I swear!
Flask: Wrest his command from him? Does that mean take over?
Starbuck, first mate: It does, Mr. Flask.
Stubb: [incredulous] Why, you ain't proposing we do any such thing?
Starbuck, first mate: [Starbuck indicates yes]
Stubb: You're in dangerous waters, Mr. Starbuck! Come on over; come about!

"Moby Dick" (1998)
Mr. Flask: [pointing to Ishmael and Queequeg] Look at them two lovebirds.