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Captain Boomer (Character)
from Moby Dick (1956)

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2010: Moby Dick (2010) (V)
Captain Ahab: Have you forgotten what it was like to sit out there on that sea ice and watch your arm go gangrenous while we were waiting to be rescued?
Capt. John 'Boomer' Enderby: I haven't forgotten.
Captain Ahab: The months of surgery, the years of rehabilitation. Wondering why this happened to you. Asking yourself what kind of a God could allow such a thing? And then coming to the conclusion that he was either malicious or indifferent. And then realizing... you dont know which is worse. Such a thing cannot be allowed to live.
Capt. John 'Boomer' Enderby: I think Moby Dick took more from you than from me. Killing him won't bring back my arm and it won't bring back your leg. It won't bring any of it back. But whether you succeed or fail, how many people need to die?
Captain Ahab: All of them. This whole act has been decreed. It was rehearsed by us a billion years before the oceans even rolled. Nothing I can do about it. I am the fates, Lieutenant, and I act under orders.

Admiral De Deers: At ease, Captain, have a seat. Scotch?
Capt. John 'Boomer' Enderby: It's 0900, sir. Make it a small.

"Moby Dick" (1998)
Captain Ahab: So you crossed his wake again?
Capt. Boomer: Aye. Twice.
Captain Ahab: But you could not fast him?
Capt. Boomer: Why would I want him? Isn't one limb enough? My wants a profitable home. No thank you, sir. No more white whales for me. He's best left alone.
Captain Ahab: Aye, but he'll be hunted nonetheless! What's best left alone, Captain, isn't always least to fight. When did you last see him?
Capt. Boomer: Upon my soul, sir, your blood's at boiling point!
Captain Ahab: Which way was he headed?
Capt. Boomer: Good God! East, I think!
Captain Ahab: East! Mr. Starbuck, prepare to set sail! We've wasted enough to time. Good day to you, Captain!
Capt. Boomer: What the devil is wrong with him? Has he lost his senses?
Starbuck: My apologies, Captain Boomer. No offense meant, I'm sure, sir. 'Tis the pain in his stump.
Capt. Boomer: The man's mad!