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Mimi-Siku (Character)
from Jungle 2 Jungle (1997)

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Jungle 2 Jungle (1997)
Mimi-Siku: In Lipo Lipo, we eat with hands.
Michael Cromwell: In New York, New York, we eat with forks.

Mimi-Siku: [after being out on the windows with Michael] Baboon scared?
Michael Cromwell: Yes, Baboon scared. Baboon not know he could *be* so scared. Baboon's pants a little damp.

Mimi-Siku: [after Mimi-Siku suggests they eat Coco the cat] Cat's job feed people.
Michael Cromwell: No, not here. Here, cat's job is to sleep, lick crotch.

Mimi-Siku: [seeing Karen for the first time] Angel on table...

Mimi-Siku: I want to see Statue of Liberty, I go!

Mimi-Siku: [pointing to toucan in flight] A hoko!
Michael Cromwell: Hoko. Hoko, bird. Bird that can't sing: Hoko Ono.

Mimi-Siku: [Initiates Karen into his tribe] Choose a name.
Karen Kempster: Choose for me.
Mimi-Siku: [thinks for a moment] Ukume.
Karen Kempster: What?
Mimi-Siku: U-Ku-May.
Karen Kempster: What does it mean?
Mimi-Siku: It means, "sound of rain on river water."
Karen Kempster: "Ukume." It's pretty.
[kisses him]