Newton Davis
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Newton Davis (Character)
from HouseSitter (1992)

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HouseSitter (1992)
Gwen: I don't want your goddamn money.
Newton Davis: No, just my goddamn house.

Newton Davis: Wow! You're a genius. You're like the Ernest Hemingway of bullshit.

Newton Davis: What do you say, Gwen? "Gwen" do you get off... and "gwhere" can we "gwo"?

[final lines]
Newton Davis: I love you, Gwen.
Gwen: Actually, it's Jessica.

Marty: Of marriage?
Newton Davis: It's not a marriage! It is a simple arrangement in which I will share my house with her and in exchange for which she will argue with me in public and generally make my life incredibly terrible.
Marty: That's marriage.


Gwen: I think this marriage is worth saving.
Newton Davis: WHAT MARRIAGE?

Newton Davis: Where did all this furniture come from?
Gwen: Bigelows.

Becky Metcalf: Do you know why I said no to you that day? It's because you scared me, building this house, putting a big ribbon around it... I didn't want to marry a dreamer. I'm not that brave. But when I see you through Gwen's eyes you look very different to me.
Newton Davis: How?
Becky Metcalf: Well, I could see how a dreamer, with somebody who believes in him, could do great things.

Newton Davis: Tell me why for God's sake did you come here?
Gwen: I just wanted to see what it would be like to live in that picture.

Newton Davis: So, what do you think, can you show this to Moseby?
Marty: Ah... you'd better do it.
Newton Davis: Why? He likes you.
Marty: Davis, if I take that in there and Moseby starts carrying on about how brilliant it is... I'm going to take the credit.
Newton Davis: What?
Marty: Mmm hmm.
Newton Davis: You're my friend, where are your ethics?
Marty: My ethics are that I know this about myself, so I'm not going to take this in there and screw you over.

Newton Davis: Half the things we tell ourselves are fiction.

Newton Davis: Don't you remember the time I... I... I had myself delivered to you in a box for your birthday? And... and the guy I paid to deliver the box screwed up and delivered me to the wrong apartment? And... and how the... the lady who opened the box... uh... freaked out and started screaming? And I ran out of there just as you poked your head into the hall. And... and the next thing I know, this one's bashing me for having an affair with her neighbor, and this one's bashing me for being some kind of gift-wrapped pervert? And... and all I had to protect myself was... was a dozen roses. And... and... and you never even read the note.
Bus Driver: What did the note say?
Newton Davis: I... I'll tell you what it said... it said... marry me, Gwen, I'm lost without you.