Nessa Watkins
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Nessa Watkins (Character)
from Mumford (1999)

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Mumford (1999)
Nessa Watkins: This shrink school you went to, did you hear about it in an infomercial?

Nessa Watkins: [Referring to stylish photo models in some magazines she's browsing through] I want to live in the world that these people are in. No one ever says anything in there, have you noticed? They're all very cool. Like, they're all really deep. It's when people start talking that everything goes to shit.

Nessa Watkins: There's this kid at school, Martin Brockett. He has this gigantic idea of himself, that no one else shares. You wouldn't believe the crap he lays on me. Who appointed him my spiritual leader? If he has everything so "figured out", how come his best friend is a .22 rifle?