John Houseman
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John Houseman (Character)
from Cradle Will Rock (1999)

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Cradle Will Rock (1999)
John Houseman: As the producer, I can fire anybody I want, and I am fucking fired!

John Houseman: I've always said the play would be better on a bare stage.
Orson Welles: Actually, Hallie said that.
John Houseman: No, I said it first.
Orson Welles: No you didn't.
John Houseman: Yes I did.
Orson Welles: No, you didn't!
John Houseman: Yes, I did!
Orson Welles: No, you DIDN'T!
John Houseman: Yes, I BLOODY WELL DID!
Orson Welles: Oh, *fine*, Jack! You win, you've got the biggest creative dick, okay?
John Houseman: Thank you.

Marc: I am faithful to the ideals of the party.
Orson Welles: I am faithful to the party of ideas.
John Houseman: You are faithful to the idea of a party.

Me and Orson Welles (2008)
John Houseman: This is an infinitely rewarding partnership, Orson. You go around smashing everything, you disenfranchise every friend, every supporter we have. And then I'm left desperately trying to clean up your mess. Because I am the one who ends up making the apologies, making the corrections, and making the ten thousand phone calls...
Orson Welles: And I'm out acting in "The Shadow" and "The March of Time" and every other piece-of-shit radio show in this city, just to pour my money into this son-of-a-bitch theater that you're supposed to be running.
John Houseman: That I'm 'supposed to be running?' I am killing myself trying to run it!

Orson Welles: [seeing new handbill] This is completely inadequate. Very possibly the worst looking thing I've ever seen in my life.
John Houseman: We've just had 50,000 of them printed.
Orson Welles: They're not entirely bad.