Reggie Lass
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Reggie Lass (Character)
from "Dead Like Me" (2003)

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"Dead Like Me: Last Call (#2.13)" (2004)
Rube Sofer: How's the coffee today?
Reggie Lass: A little weak.

"Dead Like Me: My Room (#1.6)" (2003)
Reggie Lass: I was told there would be cookies.
Joy Lass: Reggie.
Reggie Lass: Mary went to a shrink and she said there are fig newtons and hot chocolate.
Dr. Janice Hanson: I'm sorry Reggie, we don't do that here.
Reggie Lass: What do I have to do? Set my house on fire for a snack?

Dead Like Me: Life After Death (2009) (V)
Reggie Lass: Just because you're dead doesn't mean that I can't move in with you.
George Lass: And just because I'm dead doesn't mean I can't have a splitting headache.