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Mr Johnson (Character)
from Guest House Paradiso (1999)

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Guest House Paradiso (1999)
Richard Twat: I trust you've slept well?
Mr Johnson: We had rather a rough night actually.
Richard Twat: Ah well, the perils of adultery.

Mr Johnson: I merely brushed your arm!
Richard Twat: Well, we have already established that you're a liar, Mr Jones.
Mr Johnson: Look, Mr Twat...
Richard Twat: It's pronounced "Thwaite"!
Mr Johnson: Well, It's spelled twat.
[pointing at Richie's name on the desk]
Mr Johnson: T-W-A-T Twat!
Richard Twat: Could you keep your voice down please? We do have normal guests, as well.

Richard Twat: I trust you two both washed.
Mr Johnson: Actually, the water was cold.
Richard Twat: That's no reason not to wash, is it? Good grief, we are British, you know. We invented cold showers to stop people masturbating. Oh, I see, maybe that's why you are so upset about the lack of hot water.