Ben Hawkins
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Ben Hawkins (Character)
from "Carnivàle" (2003)

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"Carnivàle: Milfay (#1.1)" (2003)
Samson: 'Measure of a man is his sense of humor'. You know who said that?
Ben Hawkins: I don't care, how 'bout that?
Samson: It was his honor Will Rogers. Or maybe it was Mark Twain, the point is, kid, I'm about to make you the offer of a lifetime.
Ben Hawkins: Hey, stop calling me kid, okay? My name is Ben Hawkins.
Samson: Well, Ben Hawkins, how would you like a career in show business?

[Sofie is reading Ben's cards]
Sofie: The magician, reversed. You have a great talent or ability.
Ben Hawkins: Reversed?
Sofie: Upside down. It means it's been wasted, unfulfilled. A gift you've hidden from others.

"Carnivàle: Lincoln Highway, UT (#2.9)" (2005)
Clayton Jones: You did this? That's impossible.
Ben Hawkins: Everything's impossible, 'til it ain't.
Clayton Jones: You are a healer.
Ben Hawkins: That's part of it.
Clayton Jones: One of them saints?
Ben Hawkins: No.
Clayton Jones: You ain't an angel.
Ben Hawkins: No, I ain't no angel, that's for sure.

"Carnivàle: Outside New Canaan (#2.11)" (2005)
Ben Hawkins: The place is battened down tighter than a work farm.
Clayton Jones: Yeah. For a fellow who believes in Heaven, that preacher is sure worried about dying.

"Carnivàle: Los Moscos (#2.1)" (2005)
Management: Find Scudder and bring him to me.
Ben Hawkins: What does he have to do with this?
Management: He was to me what the preacher is to you. My enemy. You saw my failure in the war.
Ben Hawkins: You're the Russian?
Management: Yes. My name is Lucius Belyakov. Scudder knows the true name of the preacher as I knew yours, Ben Hawkins. You must bring him to me.
Ben Hawkins: I've already bloodied my hands once for you and I ain't gonna do it again.
Management: You can't run from this.
Ben Hawkins: I ain't gonna do it.
Management: Millions will die!
Ben Hawkins: I can't stop that! I'm just one man!
Management: Then run, coward. Run as your father did before you.