Brother Justin Crowe
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Brother Justin Crowe (Character)
from "Carnivàle" (2003)

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"Carnivàle: New Canaan, CA (#2.12)" (2005)
Sofie: Go to hell.
Brother Justin Crowe: Go? Why? I plan on bringing it here.

[Justin goes to chase Ben, but Norman rises from his wheelchair, gets in the way, lays his left hand on his chest and raises his right]
Rev. Norman Balthus: The power of Christ compels you.
[Justin stabs him in the gut with scythe]
Justin: Behold,
[Justin continues slicing upward]
Justin: the holy evil is come!

"Carnivàle: Ingram, TX (#2.3)" (2005)
Brother Justin Crowe: Welcome Home, Norman!