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Blue Duck (Character)
from "Lonesome Dove" (1989)

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"Comanche Moon: Episode #1.2" (2008)
Buffalo Hump: Always you kill with guns, like a white man! Why do you not use a bow or a lance?
Blue Duck: Not fast enough. Fast is what it takes to survive.
Buffalo Hump: [Disgusted] Is survival more important than honor? You will never be a Comanche.

Buffalo Hump: A real warrior kills with the bow, the lance, not by pushing bullets into a rifle like a white man.
Blue Duck: [laughs] Killing quick is the only way to stay alive.

"Lonesome Dove: Return (#1.4)" (1989)
Blue Duck: [Call is looking at Blue Duck in jail] I hear you brought your stinkin' old friend to my hangin'.
Woodrow Call: He'd enjoy seein' it alright.
Blue Duck: I should've caught him & cooked him when I had the chance.
Woodrow Call: I'd have killed you for it, if you had.
Blue Duck: [laughing] I raped women, stole children, and burned houses, & shot men, run off horses, & killed cattle, and robbed who I pleased, all over your territory, and you never even got a good look at me until today! I don't reckon you would've killed me.
Woodrow Call: It don't matter much now though, does it?
Blue Duck: You Rangers! I 'spect I'll kill a passel of you yet.
Woodrow Call: I doubt it; not unless you can sprout wings 'n' fly through the hangman's noose
Blue Duck: I can fly - an old woman taught me - and if you car to wait, you'll see me
Woodrow Call: I'll wait. I give you my word on it

"Lonesome Dove: On the Trail (#1.2)" (1989)
Monkey John: [Blue Duck has shot an Indian that disagreed with him] Life is cheap up here on the Canadian.
Blue Duck: It's apt to get a lot cheaper. Let's gamble.