Clara Allen
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Clara Allen (Character)
from "Lonesome Dove" (1989)

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"Lonesome Dove: The Plains (#1.3)" (1989)
Clara Allen: Here, Mr. Johnson. Meet your son.
[Hands baby to July Johnson, who holds him in his arms]
Clara Allen: Well, that's a good sign. I guess you'd at least catch him if somebody threw him off a roof.

Clara Allen: Why don't you get down?
July Johnson: Well thank you but we wouldn't want to trouble you.
Clara Allen: Oh, we grow our own troubles around here. Their names are Sally and Betsy.

Augustus 'Gus' McCrae: I told you what happened. It's an accident she's even on this trip.
Clara Allen: Oh, I never noticed you having accidents with ugly girls!

"Lonesome Dove: Return (#1.4)" (1989)
Clara Allen: Did you give that boy your name before you left Montana?
Woodrow Call: I gave him my horse.
Clara Allen: You gave him your horse, but not your name?
Woodrow Call: I put a lot more value on the animal than I do my name.