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Quotes for
Prisoner KSC2-303 (Character)
from Versus (2000/II)

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Versus (2000/II)
[after kicking away a severed zombie head]
Prisoner KSC2-303: I'll play with you later.

Girl: You can't just hurt people for no reason!
Prisoner KSC2-303: A lot of people are better off dead.
Girl: That's not for you to judge!
Prisoner KSC2-303: What're you, a preacher?

Girl: I can't remember anything that happened before I got here.
Prisoner KSC2-303: Yeah, right.
Girl: How about you? Why were you in prison?
Prisoner KSC2-303: Well, I was...
Girl: You don't remember either?
Prisoner KSC2-303: I, uh, forget things easily.
Girl: Oh... you, too!

Prisoner KSC2-303: What's all this got to do with me?
Girl: It's your destiny.

Prisoner KSC2-303: Don't worry about me. I never lose.

Prisoner KSC2-303: There's nothing left to destroy in this world. Now take me to the other side... brother!

Prisoner KSC2-303: I didn't mean to save you. They just pissed me off.

Prisoner KSC2-303: I'd rather die than live with you.
Villain: Then die.
[shoots Prisoner KSC2-303 in the head]

Prisoner KSC2-303: [Speaking to the yakuza] On your way to a party? Or are you trying to promote hoodlums?

Prisoner KSC2-303: Here's the thing, I'm a feminist.

Girl: If you did something like that, you're no different from those men.
Prisoner KSC2-303: They're bastards, I'm not.

Prisoner KSC2-303: Don't touch my girl, fucking asshole.