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Bambino (Character)
from They Call Me Trinity (1970)

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They Call Me Trinity (1970)
Bambino: How's our old lady?
Trinity: The same. She's always got something wrong with her.
Bambino: Now, where the devil is it?
Trinity: In New Orleans, runnin' a whorehouse.
Bambino: I was talkin' about the bullet.

Trinity: Well, I'm not lookin' for trouble.
Bambino: You never knew how to do anything else.

Bambino: You get washed up. And tomorrow, you leave.
Trinity: See ya later.
Bambino: No you're NOT gonna see me later!

Bambino: One shop destroyed. Three heads split like overripe melons. One man wounded and one castrated. All in two hours. Just two hours I left you alone. Two hours.
Trinity: Well, you asked me to give you a hand.
Bambino: Not like that, Beetle Brain!

Trinity: Oh, come on, Bambino. No sense...
Bambino: Don't call me Bambino!
Trinity: You want me to call you Sheriff?
Bambino: Don't call me, at all. Not even if you're drownin'.

Trinity: I'm sorry, but I couldn't let them call Ma an old...
Bambino: But it's true.
Trinity: Yeah, but she ain't that old.

Bambino: Swear on our old lady.
Trinity: May she become an honest woman, if I'm tellin' a lie.

Bambino: I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at our Ma. She shoulda strangled you, or at least drowned ya when you were born.

Passerby: Hi there, Sheriff.
Bambino: Shut up.

Tobias: Have you seen what faith will do?
Bambino: It'll work, if you put it in a rifle barrel.

Tobias: [as Trinity and Bambino ride into the Mormon camp] Welcome, brothers!
Bambino: [gruffly, to Trinity] Who told him we were brothers?
Trinity: [innocently] Wasn't me.

Trinity: [Getting ready to fight it out with a bunch of The Major's men] You gonna handle this lot?
Bambino: [big, leisurely yawn] I just woke up, you take your share.
[the Major's Men look around at each other, startled]

Trinity Is STILL My Name! (1971)
Trinità: You leavin', right away?
Bambino: If you're stayin', yeah.
Trinità: Why don't you talk to him, Pa?
The Father: [to Bambino] Listen: if I was you, I'd drown him, right there in that tub.
Trinità: Hey, you ain't gonna take the old geezer up on that are ya? Ma!

Trinità: Aw, listen, Bambino...
Bambino: Shut up. And don't call me Bambino.
Trinità: What do you want me to call you?
Bambino: Nothin'.

Bambino: [in a church confession booth] Hey, I'm warnin' you, friend: no rattin' on me, huh?
Abbot: No, no. Aside from myself, only He shall know.
Bambino: No! Either it's between you and me, or nothin' doin'!

Bambino: Why, you! I'll teach you to go around absolvin' people!

Abbot: May the Lord be with you, sir.
Bambino: Naw, we know the way.

Older monk: It is Lucifer. Lucifer in person!
Trinità: [to Bambino] You know him?
Bambino: No, I've never heard of him. He sounds like a professional from back East.
Trinità: [to Monk] Hmm. Well, this Lucifer or whatever shows up, tell him to go to hell.

Trinità: May the good lord...
Bambino: Put a bullet between your eyes!

Waiter: [taking the boys' order] May I suggest...
Bambino: No, you may not! Just bring us something to eat. And on the double!