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Trinity (Character)
from They Call Me Trinity (1970)

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Trinity Is STILL My Name! (1971)
Bounty Hunter: You got somethin' gnawin' at your conscience, stinkweed? Well, what're you worth? Five hundred?
Trinità: Uh, well, not yet. I'm just startin' out. But Judge Fitzpatrick told me that if I keep up like this, I'll be worth a thousand! Right now, I'm up to fifty.
Bounty Hunter: Fifty bucks? How'd you manage to win that? Stealin' chickens?
Trinità: Nah, they was turkeys!

'Farrah' the Mother: Why didn't you write your Ma?
Trinità: 'cause I don't know how to write. And you don't know how to read.
The Father: Yeah, he's got a point, there.

Trinità: You leavin', right away?
Bambino: If you're stayin', yeah.
Trinità: Why don't you talk to him, Pa?
The Father: [to Bambino] Listen: if I was you, I'd drown him, right there in that tub.
Trinità: Hey, you ain't gonna take the old geezer up on that are ya? Ma!

Trinità: Aw, listen, Bambino...
Bambino: Shut up. And don't call me Bambino.
Trinità: What do you want me to call you?
Bambino: Nothin'.

Older monk: It is Lucifer. Lucifer in person!
Trinità: [to Bambino] You know him?
Bambino: No, I've never heard of him. He sounds like a professional from back East.
Trinità: [to Monk] Hmm. Well, this Lucifer or whatever shows up, tell him to go to hell.

Trinità: Son of a buzzard.

Trinità: Every monk who is a monk, punch a monk who idn't a monk.

Trinità: May the good lord...
Bambino: Put a bullet between your eyes!

Maitre D': Et voilà! Chasse à la Magdalene, avec petite oignons, marron sautés, pomme de terre au petite poivre, champignons sautés.
[Smiles conspicuously]
Maitre D': I hope it is to your liking, gentlemen!
Trinità: So what's so funny, huh?

Maitre D': [Trinity and Bambino, in brand-new suits, bluff their way into an exclusive restaurant] I'm sorry, gentlemen, you have to be members.
Trinità: [stands up straight] What do you think WE are?