Amy Alden
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Amy Alden (Character)
from Fly Away Home (1996)

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Fly Away Home (1996)
[first lines]
Thomas Alden: Amy? It's your dad.
Amy Alden: Dad?
Thomas Alden: I came down from Canada. I've come to take you home.
Amy Alden: Where's Mom?
Thomas Alden: Um...
Amy Alden: Mum died, didn't she?

Amy Alden: Why did he bring that ranger guy here to CHOP THEIR WINGS OFF?
Susan Barnes: Your father didn't know, nobody knew he was going to do that...
Amy Alden: Yes he did and he's coming back!
Susan Barnes: No!
Amy Alden: Yes he is! He said he was!
Susan Barnes: Amy, listen to me.
Amy Alden: No!

Amy Alden: [Just after Barry and Tom have accidentally seen her after her shower] HE'S SO WEIRD!
Susan Barnes: You're right. He is.
Amy Alden: Who was that guy?
Susan Barnes: Oh, he's just a guy, and he didn't see you.
Amy Alden: He did. And why did he bring that guy to CHOP THEIR WINGS OFF?
Susan Barnes: You're father didn't know he was going to do that. Nobody knew he was going to do that.
Susan Barnes: Amy, listen to me. I know I can never replace your mother. No one can. But if you let me, I can be your friend. And the first rule about friends is they have to trust each other, right? I promise you, nothing is going to happen to those geese. I won't let it and neither will your dad.
Amy Alden: [cries]

Amy Alden: [the ranger's trying to clip a goose's wing with a nail cutter] WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
[hits him on the head with a metal bowl]

DNR Officer: Who's the guy at the house?
Amy Alden: It's my Uncle David. He's got a black belt. We call him KILLER!

Amy Alden: Mama to Papa. That was so cool!
Thomas Alden: Yeah, great. I just made a criminal out of my own daughter. Now we'll both do time behind bars.
Amy Alden: Dad, stop being so dramatic.
Thomas Alden: Now, look, this is just the beginning, Amy. We've got to make 120 nautical miles by sundown, fly across Lake Ontario, cross an international boundary without a permit carrying stolen goods, without filing a flight plan, without any official approval, four days behind schedule. We're on the edge, my dear.