Stig-Helmer Olsson
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Sällskapsresan eller Finns det svenskt kaffe på grisfesten (1980)
Berra Ohlsson: Do you want a little nip?
Stig-Helmer Olsson: No, I can't stand alcohol.
Berra Ohlsson: [takes a sip of his vodka] Who the hell can?

Stig-Helmer Olsson: [as mantra through the movie] I CAN fly, I am NOT afraid!

Den ofrivillige golfaren (1991)
Stig-Helmer Olsson: [after Roderic and Fiona McDougall repeatedly pronounces his name Steve] It's pronounced Stig.

[Stig-Helmer is drinking milk in a bar when Roderic McDougall sits next to him]
Roderic McDougall: What's that that you're drinking?
Stig-Helmer Olsson: It's milk.
Roderic McDougall: Milk huh? I've heard about that. I've heard that it's a dangerous drink.