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Quotes for
Imogen (Character)
from Down to You (2000)

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Down to You (2000)
Imogen: You're the cutest one in New York!

Imogen: Thank-you, cake is my world!

Imogen: A little soul is necessary in life.

Al: I'm falling in love with you.
Imogen: I love you.

Imogen: [screaming at Al] You're an old man, and I hate that! And I hate you!

Imogen: I have something to tell you... I slept with Jim last night.
Al: Get the fuck out!

Imogen: That kiss belongs in a box, so I can show my grandkids one day.

Imogen: Post-collegiate life, half full or half empty?
Al: Half empty.
Imogen: I'd have to go with half empty too. Your greatest accomplishment since I last saw you?
Al: Making friends with a spider.
Imogen: Vices?
Al: Shampoo.
Imogen: That rumor was true?
Al: I'll leave it open for interpretation. How about you?
Imogen: This is supposed to be about you not about me.
Al: It's been about you a little bit.
Imogen: ...You.
Al: Do you mean that?
Imogen: Um... I have to go.

Imogen: By the time you realize what the mistake you just made I'll be long gone.