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Quotes for
Lehiff (Character)
from Intermission (2003)

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Intermission (2003)
Lehiff: You shouldn't have pissed on my leg.

Lehiff: 'Cause when there's something there...
Café Waitress: Some chemistry.
Lehiff: Right! Who knows where the sparks will lead? An' a fella like myself, a stranger could just be a bit of fun in the sack, no more than that. Or, and it's not that crazy, your soul mate, eh?
Café Waitress: Yeah, you've got a point.
Lehiff: On the otherhand, I could just be a thief or something.
Café Waitress: What do you mean?
Lehiff: Some villain, just waiting for my chance to
[punches her]
Lehiff: smack your jaw and rob the register while the place is empty.
[jumps counter, robs register]
Lehiff: But this is the thing of it, see. You just never know...
[gardai walk in]
Lehiff: what's gonna happen.

Lehiff: That's fucking delish, man!

Lehiff: Flat-footed, fat fucking faggot.

Lehiff: You scummy fuck!

Lehiff: Don't want sugar. Got any brown sauce?