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Quotes for
Mrs. Stephens (Character)
from Peeping Tom (1960)

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Peeping Tom (1960)
Mrs. Stephens: Instinct's a wonderful thing, isn't it, Mark? A pity *it* can't be photographed. If I'd listened to it years ago, I - I might have kept my sight. I wouldn't have let a man operate I had no faith in.

Mrs. Stephens: I visit this room every night.
Mark Lewis: Visit?
Mrs. Stephens: The blind always live in the rooms they live under.

Mark Lewis: It's no good. The lights fade too soon
Mrs. Stephens: They always do.
Mark Lewis: I... I have to try again.
Mrs. Stephens: What do you think you've spoiled?
Mark Lewis: An opportunity. Now I have to find another one.

Mrs. Stephens: Take me to your cinema.

Mrs. Stephens: [referring to Mark] I don't trust a man who walks quietly.
Helen Stephens: He's shy.
Mrs. Stephens: His footsteps aren't. They're stealthy.

Mrs. Stephens: Helen?
Helen Stephens: Yes?
Mrs. Stephens: Doesn't matter.
Helen Stephens: Mother, what's worrying you?
Mrs. Stephens: The price of whiskey.