Paul Fletcher
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Paul Fletcher (Character)
from Raise Your Voice (2004)

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Raise Your Voice (2004)
Terri Fletcher: We get along okay.
Paul Fletcher: Yeah that's what worried me. It's more than just getting along, Terri. You please them. You're like a Stepford Daughter out of a mail-order magazine.
Terri Fletcher: Is that... a form of flattery?
Paul Fletcher: After Dad slammed you on Bristol Hillman? You're not going to tell me that hurt?
Terri Fletcher: No, it totally hurt.
Paul Fletcher: Then make a scene! Break something! Scream! Just... something!
Terri Fletcher: Tantrums were never my thing.
Paul Fletcher: Look, Terri, you've got the best voice I've ever heard, but if you hang with the-world-according-to-Simon-Fletcher any longer, you're gonna be doing "Cats"at the Y, at 40. And that would suck.
Terri Fletcher: [laughs] Yeah, that would suck.
Paul Fletcher: Totally suck.

Paul Fletcher: So. Lauren, what are you doing tonight?
Terri Fletcher: Paul, stop hitting on my friend!
Lauren: [to Paul] Whatever you're doing tonight.
Terri Fletcher: Lauren, stop hitting on my brother! Ugh!

Paul Fletcher: Let's see what these two poised young women have to say about the last day of school.
Lauren: We're outta here, Riverdale.
Terri Fletcher: Yeah, school's out, baby.
Paul Fletcher: Ah, right. The camera loves you.

Paul Fletcher: Could you tell mom I'll be late.
Terri Fletcher: But it's your graduation barbeque.
Paul Fletcher: I got places to go, people to see. Just save me a burger.
Terri Fletcher: [to Lauren] Give me a ride me home?
Lauren: Sure.

Paul Fletcher: So you're on my side?
Aunt Nina: Always.
Terri Fletcher: Hey, what's going on?
Aunt Nina: Nothing.
Paul Fletcher: Nothing.
Terri Fletcher: Yeah, right.

Terri Fletcher: With all the stuff that went on this afternoon, I almost forgot to give you your graduation present.
[hands Paul concert tickets]
Paul Fletcher: Three Days Grace?

Mr. Torvald: Well, let me introduce you to one interesting, fascinating lady. Maybe you'll be inspired. I know we were.
Paul Fletcher: [on the DVD] Terri's my sister and she's my favorite person in the whole world. She likes challenge, she thrives when she's pushed, and the people who can do that, they don't live in Flagstaff. Terri deserves a chance to learn from the best. She's already good, but she could be great. Let her in, you won't be disappointed.