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Quotes for
Sloane (Character)
from Raise Your Voice (2004)

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Raise Your Voice (2004)
Terri Fletcher: Hi! I'm sorry I came in, but I heard you playing and you're really good! I'm Terri.
[pause, no response from Sloane]
Terri Fletcher: Sorry to bother you. Your name?
Sloane: Sloane.
Terri Fletcher: I know we don't have any classes together, or anything, but I just thought I'd introduce myself.
Sloane: Oh... kay...
Terri Fletcher: Okay so there's this guy, right, and he's really nice and his name's Kiwi and he kind of has a crush on you. So we were wondering if you wanted to hang out with us on Saturday night.
Sloane: Kiwi is a weird name.

Sloane: [Upon meeting Jay, Kiwi, and Terri in the lobby for a double date obviously overdressed] Damnit!